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Our sister site AppShopper finally launched a native iPhone and iPad app that offers the same App tracking functionality as the full website.

AppShopper tracks all the major changes to the App store, including new apps, updates and sales. For example, with the right combination of filters you can find every app that has gone from Paid to Free. For a less overwhelming view, you can just view popular changes amongst other AppShopper readers.

You can then add apps to your own personal wishlist to get notified of sales or price changes. The app now lets you maintain that list on the go.

It's what we use to keep track of interesting game sales, and now you can monitor them on your iPhone or iPad. The app is being discussed on the forums.

  • Mr Slinky Spring

    So when's the Touch Arcade app coming out then?

    • Chris

      I agree, it's annoying using this site on the iPod Touch, especially after being used to (well made) mobile sites.

  • Bagpuss

    Any plans to include other app stores other than the US?

  • Damager

    Available in the UK app store OK. Just one request - touching the top of the screen to scroll back to the top of the list - I miss that feature.

  • http://www.toucharcade.com Mr T Bailey

    What will Mr Free App Man do with all his new-found free time?

  • chris

    will check this out, as i use it to keep track on the webpage.. when im at my desktop.. i have been using appzapp for finding apps.

  • Blinky McWeird

    Don't really see the point of this - it's not as good as just using the website, even on iPhone. It's cramped and full of ads, whereas using the website the ads are tucked away out of sight at the side. The app seems to exist mostly as a way of making AppShopper users look at more ads.

    • LKR

      What are these ads you speak of? There's no ads at all in the version I just installed.

      • Blinky McWeird

        Give it a minute and there will be. They sneak in after 60 seconds or so.

    • ImNoSuperMan

      1) The single ad is on top just like you'd expect from any other Ad supported app out there. Where is this "full of ads" thing?

      2) Website is still up and wont be going out of service ever. Everyone is free to use either/both/none of them. Not really sure what's the problem here.

      As far as it being inferior to browsing the website on iPhone, you're joking right? I dont see any reason I will use the website on the iphone when I can use the app.

  • Jeffyg3

    It's a nice app, though it doesn't show the ratings unfortunately, which makes me just use the website instead.

    • Jim

      A while ago, Manta Research had to remove ratings from AppSniper at Apple's request. I would assume Apple does not want ratings in any affiliate app.

  • Jeffyg3

    Also on the iPad, would have been much better with drop down boxes, instead of having to scroll to the bottom to select a different device. On the website it was just much easier to see what options are selected as it's all on one screen with a cleaner look and drop down boxes or icon pushes.

  • Nefhril

    Nice app, good way to keep track on the app you own but In my case (I have about 300+ apps) the list gets very long they should add sub categories under game like RPG, FPS and Strategy and so on.

    Can't believe Apple has done a Steam (Valve) like service already so you don't have to have all your apps on you hard drive but you can still have them in your library to keep track of what you own.

  • http://deuxdoom.net/blog BULGARI

    awesome app !!!

    now then no more need "AppAdvice" , "PandoraBox" , "AppSniper" etc...

    • dyscode

      definately NOT!

    • Adams Immersive

      True, once they add Push!

      Then they’ll have a web site PLUS an app, and email notification PLUS Push. Everything in one service.

  • Philly

    Be interesting to see if this manages to kill FAAD.

    • Yrogerg212

      No. Those are two different services. FAAD actually petitions the devs to make the apps free in return for increased attention. AppShopper is just a reporter.

  • klouud

    I just switched to PandoraBox... I'll give this a try tho...

  • Sticktron

    Cool, but I would rather if seen an iPhone-optimized version of the website and forums. Being a leader in iPhone media I would have thought a mobile site would be a given for TA.

  • gekkota

    This app looks great on the iPad! I love how the split screen makes changing the search parameters so easy. It looks spacious and uncluttered...very easy to use. And I don't see any ads "sneaking" in, as one of the posts mentioned.

    • AttackOfThePwned

      They are iAds. iPads don't have iOS 4.0 capability. The ads show up on my iPhone 4 but it doesn't bother me.

      • gekkota

        Alrighty then!
        Something to look forward to!!

  • Jeff

    How does this compare to BargainBin?

    • hunkeydorey

      This does not have push notifications. But BargainBin's push notifications haven't been working for me lately anyway. If you just want straight forward price watching BargainBin might be better. You need to register an account for AppShopper.

      • Thisisnotmyrealname

        That's what I was looking for, definitely not interested in signing up for something. I noticed the log out button on one of the screens. I'll just keep using Pandorabox and the website if I have to.

  • Arnoud

    Great representation for the iPhone, but I also miss the ratings. Based on those I decided which apps were worth checking out, especially when the icon didn't speak to me.

  • NiNtee

    Running this on iPad.
    This app is worthless. No ratings and cluttered optioins on the left side when in landscape mode.
    Whats the point of this app when opening up appshopper.com on Safari in iPad gives a 100x better layout and more info about the app?

  • http://appsforipads.net MaggieB

    I have been using your app for some time, and find it one of the best of its kind in the iTunes store.

  • R2D2

    HAHAHAHAHAAAHHAHA! Too funny. Jobs is just now waking from his denial that my Droids are going to rule the galaxy. After his Flash rant, 3rd party app developers should leave him twisting in the wind. Come on Steve, get the fanboys together for the chant: "Flash is evil! Flash is lame!" AhhhHAHAHAHAAHHHAHAHHHAHA!
    Droids rule!

  • Mmandich

    hell yeah love app shopper