If I had to list three things the App Store needs less of, fart apps, games with zombies, and line drawing as a control method would all be at or near the top. iPhone developer Mutant Games would apparently disagree with that statement, judging by their upcoming game which merges these three App Store cliches in to one unholy abomination of a game which oddly enough looks like it might actually be fun especially considering the sky high novelty value of the game.

In Farts VS. Zombies, you play as a Chuck Norris lookalike with your pants dropped in front of an endless conveyor belt of food with your butt pointed at an incoming swarm of zombies. The foods you eat determine what kind of fart you will generate, and these fart clouds can then be routed around the room by drawing lines for them to follow. The goal of the game is to protect japanese school girls, who you will need to make sure your fart clouds stay away from while you gas said zombies. Your ultimate attack of sorts seems to be some kind of projectile vomit, which can clear entire swaths of zombies and is aimed by tilting your device.

Farts VS. Zombies has both a survival mode and a story mode... And I can't wait to see how the plot unfolds as per the trailer the ultimate battle at the end of the game is against an evil unicorn who may or may not be responsible for sending hordes of zombies your way.

Farts VS. Zombies is still in development, and hopefully by the time it's released Mutant Games will have time to implement some form of doodle graphics as well. For more information, check out the thread in our forums.

  • http://www.squarezerostudio.com squarezero

    You took War of Eustrath off the top of the page for this? :rolleyes:

    • http://www.ChronoSoft.com CommanderData

      I saw the post you made in the WoE thread, so I figured something pretty newsworthy had been posted! Alas, no.... this game will be bumped from the throne by:

      FartVille: Doodle Zombies

      The #1 app store killer app. Cultivate your farts from masses of zombies (large breasted zombies even!) and share them with your friends via facebook. Tweet your turds! Coming soon: In-Ass-Purchase!

      Ugh. Someday I hope the App Store picks up a new meme πŸ˜‰

  • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave M.

    Don't forget that they need to put in a flashlight mode as well as a tower defence/bullet candy mode.

    There just isn't any creativity in the App Store anymore. Occasionally, someone comes out with a game like Edge. Even Aerox, which is a kind of clone of Super Monkey Ball is a great addition since they did the game right and made it playable instead of SMB which is just a joke.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Don't forget a mini-game where you play a match 3. πŸ˜‰

      • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave M.

        Oh man, how could I have forgotten the all important "Match 3"! No kidding, that has to be in there somewhere. πŸ™‚

  • alma

    this is GIGA LAME

    • Dee

      I'm guessing that it's harder than ever to get noticed in the app store so they want to do something bold an unique. It's a no buy for me though, I burned out from the overwhelming number of games on the app store (Plunderland excluded) months ago.

  • http://www.metzener.com/ Dave M.

    Oh, crap, I almost forgot, the game needs to have some kind of farming as well. Wow, can't forget farming!

  • http://FourMJR.blogspot.com RttaM

    Being a big fan of Mutant Games, I'm def getting this.

  • araczynski

    JFC, you gotta be kidding me.... so is there an iPad version?

  • MidianGTX

    ...and console games need less button pressing as a control method.

  • bravetarget

    Sorry if this is a silly question, but where does that unicorn come into this game?

  • http://dear-apple.com Dear Apple

    What a wonderful game, everything I always dreamed of.
    Is feces fight planned? Also I hope on some puke and piss weapons. Those will make it a truly unique experience.

  • x999x

    Hope they have a Tip-Calculator bonus stage

  • samthelion

    apps making fun of app cliches are rapidly becoming a cliche.
    I tend to buy every app with line drawing involved, but I may pass on this one.

  • Xeliorones

    If you start go on war to all crap on app store you'll have a gigantic work. I haven't read (don't care) but gave a quick look to the video.... and well I bet it's the Farts that trigger the article... that's more kiddish reaction than the game itself.

  • Shinkz

    What the f...

  • miket

    Developers have no problem with the pope or Christian bashing but don't have the balls to throw in some raghead mullahs in there.

  • Crazy_Possum

    No ninjas?

  • JD

    ... and yet this game has triggered more comments than far better games... #publicity

  • Diz


  • mardas pye

    This wasn't worth posting on the home page IMO.

  • monster


    • David

      That's what I wanted to say :))

    • Lord Gek

      A little ENGRISH just in case it wasn't already painful enough.

      My problem is that, even though it appears to be in incredibly poor taste, the gameplay looks fun.

      My only question is what happened with this game since I remember it being near release nearly a year ago...maybe they figured it needed to optimized for the iPad and iPhone 4 before releasing it?

  • Corey

    Does anyone think that guy looks like chuck norris?

  • Barry Z.

    I don't get why everyone is so upset about Fart and Zombie apps. People like them. It's the same as when you moan about hating reality TV, but you are glued to Jersey Shore every week. There are boring, copy-cat apps in every genre, and there are people doing innovative things - yes, even in these low-brow genres. For example, Fart Battles is a hilarious app that lets you record your own farts and get a score - and it really works! So, maybe it's not your kind of humor, but you can't say that the genre as a whole doesn't a) inspire creativity and b) entertain people. Otherwise these apps wouldn't be so popular.

  • Big Albie

    After last year's Enviro-Bear travesty, this doesn't surprise me. I'm sure Chuck Norris and his lawyers will get wind of this (no pun intended) soon and shut it down.

  • robobot

    The grammar in this article is all screwed up.

  • Uberarcade

    Usually to get featured as a coming soon on TA means you have a cool looking game. Kind of disappointed to see this crap on the front page.

  • Mindfield

    No. Just ... freaking no. Ever.

  • Mindfield

    Also: Whatever it is you're smoking, Eli, puff and pass, dude, because apparently you're bogarting the good stuff.

  • Wazzazza

    Don't forever the super secret tethering mode!
    And the emoji unlock!

  • JustAGamer

    I find this more gross than funny.

    Btw, I don't fart with my pants down, do you? LOL