Donut Games has just set three of their premium titles to free during their “Crazy Summer” promotion. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we love Donut Games. The wonderful pixel art graphics and simple game concepts are a perfect fit for iPhone gaming. Their games are hardly ever priced at more than a dollar, so it's not hard saying that purchasing any of their games is money well spent. However, if you've ever been on the fence over grabbing any of these three titles, you have no reason not to now as they've gone temporarily free.

Castle Smasher – One of the earliest offerings from Donut Games, Castle Smasher has you launching stones from a catapult towards a castle in an effort to demolish it to the ground. A recent 2.0 update added a tremendous amount of new content to the game, which we detailed in an article last month. If you enjoy something like Angry Birds, then you should surely enjoy Castle Smasher.

Traffic RushTraffic Rush is a fairly simple traffic direction game. Cars enter from all sides of the screen moving towards a four way intersection. You must decide when to stop cars and when to speed them through in order to avoid having any collisions. If an accident occurs, it's game over. The action picks up fairly quickly as more and faster cars start to come, and the game can get incredibly hectic and fun. If you like line drawing games like Harbor Master or Flight Control, but could do without the actual drawing of lines, Traffic Rush should be a great fit.

Cat Physics – A cute physics puzzler that tasks you with directing a ball from one kitty to another. Arrows can be placed about on each level that redirect where your ball will go, allowing you to make your way past the obstacles in it's path. I've seen a pretty overwhelming response to Cat Physics from gamers of all ages, and we loved the game in our review from May. Finding just the perfect placement of the arrows ensures you can maximize your score, and if you like puzzle games Cat Physics is a winner.

  • Farick

    The most mad it Cat physics =)

  • Colbertj

    Agreed, Donut Games is awesome! I really enjoy Rat on the Run, Spikey's Bounce Around and Lucky Coins. For some reason, I find Lucky Coins the most addicting!

  • Cyggie

    I think it was 270kp that said (s)he has a whole folder of Donut games! What a compliment to a great developer of fun little games! I think I'm at six.

  • Matt R

    I played all the way through and really enjoyed Cat Physics. It was also a hit with my young nieces. 🙂


  • Adams Immersive

    Castle Smasher is great—much less simplistic than I expected. The castles fight back, and there are trampolines, burning projectiles, and other complexities to add variety. And your balls bounce a couple times, so you can try to make every launch hit more than once.

  • bossarcade

    good site

  • Renae

    Traffic Rush is fantastic. My 10-year-old and huge fan of crush the castle loves Castle Smasher. Grab these games while they are free for sure!

  • David

    Cat physics game play is in the 98 percentile within all the games i own. It's a nice fresh scent.

  • Mike

    I asked them to mke my game but they are hard to bite to get the service from