When we first posted about Office Heroes [Free] earlier this month, I admit I was more than a little surprised with the overwhelmingly positive response the game saw both in article comments and on our forums. It seems that social gaming is a guilty pleasure for many, and as I mentioned in the preview, Office Heroes has an incredibly clever premise in that you're wasting your virtual life away inside of an office as you're wasting your real life away sinking your time in to the game.

In Office Heroes, you have an incredibly customizable avatar who lives inside of a (initially) tiny virtual office. Gameplay is identical to similar social games in that you're managing in-game resources that are both generated by completing tasks in games with others that are gained via an in-app purchase. As you level up and get more friends, you unlock more decorations for your office and various gizmos to waste your avatar's time on. Absolutely nothing you do to earn money in game is productive in any way. For instance, you buy your little dude a computer and he uses it to tweet, or you can get him a phone to make personal phone calls, along with tons of other activities with other office items.

There's not much sense in really "reviewing" a game like this as it's free and you either love these kind of social games or hate them. Office Heroes doesn't do anything other games haven't done before, but it's still incredibly refreshing to play a social game that actually has an original premise. So many of them on the App Store do little more than pick a popular Zynga game and duplicate it, so it's nice to see Astro Ape Studios releasing something that doesn't have to do with tending fields.

If you're looking for people to add to your vast network of in-game coworkers, swing on by the friend finding thread on our forums. Otherwise, happy time wasting!

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  • Dee

    Force facebook integration will be a dealkiller for some. This thing will spam your wall with lame feeds and you shouldn't have to friend anyone on facebook to interact with them in game.

  • Joshua

    It doesn't post on your wall. I agree only facebook friends is weak, but I've leveled up a bit and have not had any wall posts that I don't know about.

  • http://www.officeheroesapp.com Will

    It never posts anything without asking you first. You only post things when u hit the share button under certain circumstances, say for instance after you level up. The share button becomes available.

  • Idea

    This game is okay!! But when will games like:

    - call of duty modern warfare 2

    - impossible creatures

    - fat princess ps3 game??

    - simgirl lol

    these are games I'd buy now!! Games I'd be going crazy for!! Games alot alot people would want to see in the app store

  • Bruno

    Doesn't work for me, it keeps crashing after a few seconds... πŸ™

  • Idea

    -Even a Crash bandacoot game!! (not a racing game)

    - mortal kombat (even the old mk games)

    - smash Tv

    - Lego game

    - gauntlet

    - fall out

    these are also games turtles that SHOULD be in AppStore making lots of $$$

    • MidianGTX

      Whut. Stay on topic. This is the Office Heroes comment section, go and bug someone else with your unrealistic ideas.

  • Idea

    I meant titles ( the iPod checker typo)

  • Mike

    Can your character spend time in the game playing an "Office Heroes" type game?

    • Guybrush Threepwood

      It can, but then your iDevice gets stuck in an infinite loop.

  • Yuri Britto

    That game needs push notifications

  • HeartHug

    It's not in the Australian App Store yet.

  • akjak

    Has anyone been able to "assist" a friend yet? I can visit them, but Assist isn't available... :/

  • Leidy

    Hey...can you people add me on facebook because i dont have any friends with this app but i love playing it...my fb email is bellaca42@gmail.com and my name is leidy cruz πŸ™‚

    • rudy

      same here πŸ™ so yuh.. added πŸ™‚

  • Leidy

    Thanks...does anyone knows how to get paper clips??

  • http://www.servcorp.co.uk Virtual offices

    So for some people sitting in an office 9 hours a day, 5 days a week isn't enough - they want to play 'virtual office' during their off-time as well?! I understand the need for some down time but a game about working in an office? This is beyond me...

  • http://www.officeheroesapp.com/ Astro Ape Studios

    Hey folks - little update for anyone who comes across this story:

    Office Heroes no longer requires Facebook! You can opt out of signing in if you'd like. In the next update, we'll add a way for non-Facebook users to add friends, view their offices and assist with tasks.


    We're also running a little contest, giving away (real) red staplers (you know the ones!) for whoever designs the best 80s office: http://www.officeheroesapp.com/2010/07/contest-build-your-80s-office/

  • BidoofRox

    GentleMEN?! How about GentlePEOPLE buddy!

  • Sunsine

    Bidoo, I agree, it SHOULD be GentlePEOPLE!