Digitoys / Yoot Saito has released some info on their upcoming iPad game The Tower... but it's entirely in Japanese. Google translator offers us this interpretation.

You, as the chief executive of the Bill to extend the building is the only person allowed in the building and see all the information. Your mission is to extend the building while residents pay attention to their stress, is to increase the population goes. Residents in the building is sensitive to stress. The building will go out with higher stress. Set up tenant offices and restaurants, elevators and moving equipment set up, equipment is arranged to move stress-free building is available to residents, please environmental facilities and maintenance rooms and even the security station.

Up a little more residents in the building environment to provide a satisfactory their grade goes up. Population of 15,000 building your personality over time. "Cathedral" to set up 100 ground floor, a holiday, a wedding will be here on a pair of couples. Then you is the best title "TOWER" won will witness the miracle of sight and.

Yeah, so far we're not getting much of a "this is going to be available in English" vibe. We've dropped them a line to get more information. In the meanwhile, here's a gameplay video they've also posted:

The company has also announced an Air Hockey game for the iPad called 4 Strikers Hockey. We'll let you know more if they get back to us.

Update: It seems the first version will be in Japanese only, but they are working on an international version.

  • munkee

    Is it like Sim Tower?

  • http://twitter.com/lindenitzan lindenitzan

    SimTower is known as the The Tower in Japan, it was developed by Yoot Saito: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SimTower

  • http://www.fametown.com Eusebio

    The game looks great. Hopefully it will be released at least in English and Spanish, in addition to Japanese.

  • Bjorn Keizers

    He effin' better release this in English -- we need some SimTower action!

  • phillyman

    keep us uptodate and hopefully you can point out how many people would love to see this game worldwide. It almost has to be a licensing issue. Why else shoot yourself in the foot? It seems like programming would be time consuming and expensive. To localize at least in English would open the game to a couple billion people... Ah well we can only hope 😉

  • Thread

    I used to love Sim Tower. I'll keep my fingers crossed for an English/iPhone version.

  • Remon

    That would be such a nice game on ipad. Love those sim games!

  • Zim

    Sim/Yoot Tower is one of my favorite simulation game -- I'd kill for an English version in the App Store!

  • TokyoHam

    They wouldn't be stupid enough to only release this in Japanese, would they??

  • Longadin

    Yes I asked them via Twitter and they are currently working on an international version. Will launch in Japanese first. Gotta brush up on my Japanese as I was trying to understnad their reply.

  • Longadin

    Heh. I see you linked my Twitter question and their reply. Lol.

  • Longadin

    According to the gf who is way better at Japanese she says it will launch in Japanese with an English version planned but only if they see a potential in releasing an English version.

  • Joey

    I know enough japanese to play the game and would die for this..... can't wait to relive the childhood memories of this game

  • http://mayblogmaynot.blogspot.com Maniacfive

    I really hope this gets an international release as I would kill to relive some SimTower action. I'd even pay ridiculously to do so. Possibly the first time I wouldn't be bitching about £7.49 for a iPad game 😀

    Nostalgia does funny things to my brain to wallet interactions

  • Zghying

    What is the chance of a iPhone version? Would love to play a sim tower game again. Surprised somebody hasn't made one already.

  • Carl

    Wow, you can move the office buildings or whatever once they've been built!? You had to destroy them in Sim Tower before you could fix something.

  • http://www.scottdot.com scottdot

    Hopefully the creators of this port are paying attention to the comments here. I definitely want a way to play this game. I no longer own any systems capable of running the original. LOVED this game as a kid. I hope I can share it with my kids soon. I'd buy it in an instant, even if it were 20 bucks.

  • FourMJR

    I would love to see this on the iPhone and iPod Touch!

  • Rachel

    What kind of morons wouldn't make this for iPhone too? iPhone! IPHONE!

    • Cougar

      Honestly I don't think it would work well on an iPhone. You really need a bigger screen.

      Then again, SimCity runs on an iPhone, so what do I know...

  • KB

    Loved this game back on the day. Here's hoping they put out an iPhone version as I'm among those who still prefer the smaller devices over the iPad for portable gaming.

  • CodeRed

    You silly fools, what is the Japanese text? My girlfriend can translate it in understandable english.

  • M.E

    The game exists in pc already in English... How can they not have made an English version ..?!

  • Psy-Phi

    Games' not made yet, they're working on it O_o. It's not "Sim Tower", it's a new game. New code, it shouldn't be terribly difficult to translate but they're probably not concerned with that at this point in the development. Apple denying their other English app last year doesn't help.

    I can't wait for this, and I hope it comes to iPhone as well. Even in Japanese I'll get it and trudge my way through it with my Yonkyuu level -- very basic).

    • Cougar

      So they are calling this The Tower, but I wonder if it will include the enhancements/rooms/maps from The Tower II. For those confused, The Tower (SimTower in the US) was released first, and then the sequel, The Tower II/Yoot Tower was released with new maps including Hawaii and a mountain falls one. It was a much better game, so I hope this includes content from The Tower II. Unfortunately I can't tell from the screenshot/movie as they are showing the Tokyo map which was the same in both versions. What was cool about Yoot Tower was that it was addon-friendly. Unfortunately the game never really took advantage of it. A Statue of Liberty tower map was released in Japan but that was it. It never was released in the US, I was so mad waiting for it, haha! That sort of thing would be really easy to do now with in-app purchases.

      Yoot Tower was hard as hell but I LOVED it. Played it allll the time as a kid. I'd kill to play this again, but I don't have an iPad and there's no way a game like this would work well on an iPhone. They should port it to Mac OS X when they're done with the iPad version--most of the hard work will have already been done!

  • http://www.ctsgraphics.com dtom

    OMG! I love SimTower from back in the day!

  • mgabrys

    Whoo I'm sold but that was a TOUGH game!

  • wegmans

    I can't wait to double tap in the lower left corner right when you start off!

  • ecco6t9

    It shouldn't be too much work Sega has a hand in the US release of the franchise.