TechCrunch reports this afternoon that iPhone startup Tapulous has been acquired by Disney. With meager beginnings on the App Store between the photo sharing app Collage [Free], their Twitter client Twinkle [Free], and the original Tap Tap Revenge [$1.99], Tapulous later went on to releasing additional licensed Tap Tap games with music from bands ranging from Metallica to Coldplay, and even Justin Bieber.

It's hard to say what this means for the future of Tapulous, as being owned by Disney presumably now gives them access to Disney's amazing library of music owned by the Disney Music Group. This includes soundtracks to Disney movies, and other bands covering a wide spectrum of music from They Might Be Giants to Miley Cyrus and an amazing amount in between. We'll have to wait and see if this means more individually licensed games, additional DLC for Tap Tap Revenge 3 [Free], or other potential games we can't even imagine yet.

  • Maniacfive

    Wooohoo! Hannah Montana Revenge! I CANNOT wait.

  • batteraziiz

    Blah. Nine Inch Nails Revenge owned by disney... A damn shame.

  • eri

    So is this supposed to be good? Now we'll never have a non-Disney's Tap Tap Revenge, I think D:
    On the other hand, they'll release some very interesting Tap Tap games, based on a movie, for example... At least I hope 🙂

  • Dan

    WooHOO! Jonas Sisters revenge! Miley Cyrus revenge! Alot of other bull**** revenges! I cannot wait for my ears to blow up and bleed infinitely upon hearing the `best` tunes that have ever been blessed upon my soul! NOT!

    But seriously though, those are among the most disappointing news of the year.

  • kevlar

    Great, now we will probably never have any more dlc for the appaulingly supported Riddim Ribbon.......GGRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • WTF


  • Henny

    Well the Tap Tap games have always sucked anyway....but if you think Disney has an amazing library of music you are either 9 years old or really really sad.

  • John

    This is good news for Tapulous you can be sure, this is what you get into buisness for. Hope they made a bundle of money off it.

  • MAgicman

    well i vowed i would never play another tapulous game after the justin beaver revenge 😛

  • kaboom132

    F*** F*** F*** F***!!!!!!!!!

  • steve

    not really that big of a deal... I've always found the tap tap games kinda mediocre and with disney now they'll be even more mediocre. not a huge loss...

  • Mike

    Horrible news. TTR was always indie oriented - at least in the beginning. Funny to think how Tapulous fans rallied to support TTR3 when Rock Band and Guitar Hero came to iPhone. Now we'll be getting sanitized bullshit and corporate crap shoved down our throats from all ends.

    Tapulous - you're a bunch of soulless sellouts. You won't take this message seriously, but I hope you have a few sleepless nights.

    Disney - well, it's always been your story. why work on making a successful product when you can just buy one out.

    • MAgicman

      amen i agree bout disney and i think its weird that tap tap revenge went from metallica to hanna crappin montana

  • mardas pye

    "TTR was always indie oriented – at least in the beginning. "

    Not hard to guess why...those are the kinds of deals you can get when starting out.

  • Ahiru

    can't wait to tap along High School Musical.... i'd better get high for that...

    • Dan

      Yea. You can only resist the sh**tiness of this smelly turd when you're high. Otherwise you are at risk of losing your ears.

  • Jamshy

    Now all the games will be High School Musical and Miley Cyrus crap...
    All these non-real singers that their recordings go through tons of changes on an editing programs are from disney. Disney once created good things. Now they make commercialized crap.
    It cannot happen.

  • MWHApps

    Wow! Really? Well, I guess I'm not going to be playing Tap Tap games any longer seeing as Disney is full of Sh** and is made for kids. I mean seriosly, how the f**k will selling out to disney be better for Tapulous' business? Unless they expect to have 12 year olds playing their sh**.... :-/

  • Lukeb

    If Steve Jobs is Disney's majority shareholder, then doesn't that mean he essentially bought Tapulous?

  • Future Mrs. Bieber!

    haha I totally am in love with Justin Beiber!!