Dedalord Games has recently unleashed their crazy puzzle game Pyschoban into the App Store. Psychoban is a Sokoban variant that manages to incorporate a lot of personality and style.

The game opens with in a hospital ward with you under the direction of a mad scientist after having gone through a "procedure". You are walked through the basics of the game. If you've ever played Sokoban, you'll be pretty familiar with the gameplay. The goal is to move blocks to their proper locations. However, you can only push blocks and there has to be a space for you to push from. So if you back a block into a wall, you won't be able to pull it away. So it goes, and your job is to puzzle your way through each level to accomplish each goal. Unlike plain vanilla Sokoban, the game allows you to hop up and down levels, and also allows for stacking of boxes. This keeps things a little more interesting as you make your way through the game's 50 levels.

Game controls are intuitive with a single tap to select the box and a subsequent tap to determine its destination. Your character then automatically goes through the motions of pushing the box. Fortunately, there is a "fast" mode that allows him to run a bit faster, though there still will be times you are just waiting for him to finish.

Here's a video shot by one of our forum readers:

Due to the isometric view, there are sometimes perspective issues that can cause some initial confusion to the level designs, but an issue one you can learn to work around. For good or bad, the game seems to fall a bit on the easy side (at least until the final 10 levels so I'm told). Otherwise, the game is very well done with great artwork and amusing dialog. All this combines to a really great experience.

TouchArcade Rating

  • Jonah

    "Dr. Juggsworth"? Really? Won't be buying this.

  • himanshu

    which is the best sokoban game out there? I just loved those original levels and the ones i have played after that.

    I have Boxed In 2 and Iced In, both very good puzzlers... but no where close to as challenging as sokoban.

  • klouud

    A 2 finger swipe to look around in 3D would fix the camera issue - worked well for Final Fantasy Tactics and all similar games.

  • Me

    I don't really see the "psycho" tie in with this game based on the review, other than the use of an odd looking character that pushes the boxes.

    @himanshu: I'm more than satisfied with "SmartSokoban Pro". It's graphics are mundane, but other than that it very closely resembles the "MacSokoban" that got me hooked ten years ago.

  • Castor

    Psycho guy is moving the boxes way too fast, slow down pls.

  • Robert

    It looks like he can go anywhere on the level, he is even jumping over boxes!
    Seems like that kind of takes the 'challenge' out of sokoban.