As we had suspected, Activision has finally released an iPhone/iPod Touch version of Geometry Wars: Touch [App Store]. A surprising bonus? It's a universal update to the iPad game. So existing Geometry Wars customers get the iPhone version for free.

As an added bonus, the game has dropped in price from $9.99 to $4.99.

  • PeterM11

    Wow! Universal? That's pretty surprising! Sucks I don't have enough money right now though! Darn. Better get a card or something tomorrow.

  • jsrco

    not game killing, but no grid reaction = sub par version graphically.

    • arn

      there is grid reaction on my 3GS.


  • backtothis it christmas again? It feels there's a sudden influx of games again..and being the instant buy-all-er that I am..ahhhh!

    But this is cool, definitely getting this.

  • Epileptiiisddflkbdfs

    Available only on the US store 🙁

    • Menneisyys

      Not any more - it's available internationally too.

  • bc142

    Wont work on my ipod tocuh 2g running 3.0. oh well.

  • David Elliott

    Why does no-one mention how bad control is on ALL versions of this. Try playing Pacifism and avoiding gates! Stick needs to be centralised in order to turn quickly/sharply; there is just no 'feel' compared to the xbox version.

  • Lord Gek

    What seems to go unmentioned, and is CRUCIAL for the iPaders out there, they now have two new optional Smart Bomb controls, one being simply double tapping the Firing Controller.

  • Septimus

    Excellent update. Nice to have on the 3GS as well.

  • Jeffry McGee

    Wow, finally!!!! This rocks so hard.

  • Murbs

    Plays brilliantly (the controls are as good as they can be imho) but I'm having no luck connecting to the high score servers and as a result none of my high scores are getting saved. Seeing as the whole nature of this type of game is score attack it's rendered pretty much useless until I can sort it out.

    Will try it out later at home via wi-fi.

    • Bruno

      On my iPhone the leaderboards don't work if there's only 3g and there's no wi-fi: the game shows an error. If wi-fi's available, everything's ok.
      Does this happen to anyone else?

  • FinalGamerAC

    Just bought this and am i the only one it out right crashes for. Tried reinstalling, re-downloading blah blah blah, still doesn't work on my ipod touch 2nd gen.

  • David R

    Awesome! I couldn't get myself to purchase this for $10, but $5 is more like it.

  • Kelly

    No multiplayer?

    • lu'keb

      Yes, the update added bluetooth multiplayer.

  • Charles

    Sweet! This game is near perfection. Just some things really bother me:

    -The freakin' connection warning, that pops up when the match is over, and then again when you return to the main menu. Twice in a row. Thats very annoying.

    -The fact that is no way to see whats behind your fingers. geoFighters has solutioned this with a simple solution - arrows pointing to the enemies around the ship. This one really annoys me, because most of my deaths are due to stumbling with enemies that are behind my fingers.

    -The controls are rather imprecise, and do not respond very well. In a game that demands so much precision (that's really needed in the Pacifist mode), the movement should be more precise and smooth. Again, I will compare it with geoFighers - it's control is way more accurate, and the movement is smoother too.

    -The fact that it won't store my points later is simply not understandable. Why? Not everyone has connection all the time, not speaking about the power consumption it results. That is really a let down, because the point of this games is to beat records - and a internet connection might not be always available, or connecting to it may not be convenient.

    • Charles

      Oh yea, one more:

      -A turn screen option would be really sweet. Some developers seem to forget that the AV out on the iTouch is placed differently than on the iPhone, and playing with the screen turned counter-clockwise on a headphone-equipped iTouch is very annoying, because the palm of your left hand ends up pressing the headphone connector.

  • Shibuya_109

    This is a nice surprise, a game which actually runs properly on an iPhone 3G. 60fps for the most part. Very nice.

  • Robert Weatherholt

    I downloaded this Geometry Wars: Touch for iPod Touch three times! And every time I downloaded it. it doesn't work! Just instantly returns to the menu! Who's gonna fix it?!