Neowiz Entertainment's Nimp - Nymph In My Pocket [App Store] seems to lie somewhere in between the Tamagotchi craze in the mid-90's, Cube World toys, and maybe even a little hint of Little Big Planet in the game's art style. While Nimp is more of a virtual pet simulator than a game, the level of detail the developers have put in to it is very impressive for the first release, especially when you look back to how basic games like Pocket God were when they first hit the App Store.

In Nimp you start with one nymph, with a second that you can get via a free in-game purchase with more presumably available in the future either as free or paid DLC with the first being a ninja nymph coming soon. Your nymphs can interact with each other, dance to your iPod music, and do other silly little activities to raise their stats.

If you're not a virtual pet person, Nimp doesn't seem to bring anything to the table that is likely to suck you in, but seems great for what it is. If nothing else, watching the two nymphs dancing to your terrible music maybe worth the price of admission alone.

App Store Link: Nimp - Nymph In My Pocket, $2.99

  • john doe

    the perfect game for my girlfriend, looks great so far 🙂

  • DJMoya

    The game runs a little slow on my old 2g but the game is pretty fun and cute. Nice break from tower defense zombie shooting games.

  • mintey

    Cute and nice game,very polished.
    Tough it lags all the time on my iPhone 3G. And loading/opening the game takes like 2-3min.
    Anyone having these problems?

  • Evlchick

    I downloaded Nimp for free in the itunes store... and i must say it is entertaining to see the little guys dance to your music or watching them swim/skate.... but needs more things to do.. maybe in a future update they will add more things