Plants Vs Zombies is Popcap's take on the tower defense genre, where players cultivate a crop of various plants that each have different abilities to play against the weaknesses of the many different types of zombies you will face. Progressing through the game, you eventually unlock all kinds of different defenses to choose from as you deal with zombies invading your front lawn during the day, across your pool in the back yard, and even fending them off at night. Each setting requires a slightly different strategy and this keeps gameplay fresh throughout the whole game.

The following trailer was released today, and mentions 2/15 as the official release date of Plants Vs Zombies for the iPhone.

Like most Popcap games, Plants Vs Zombies is available for the Mac and PC and currently can either be purchased directly from Popcap online or nearly any brick and mortar store that stocks PC games. You can expect a full review from us as soon as the game is released on the App Store.

  • Xanthos

    Like FINALLY!?

  • giochi

    SOLD. even if the price is 20$
    Can't Wait

  • Cookies

    I have to say, even if I didn't think it was awesome already, the slogan "Get Ready to Soil your plants" totally sold it for me.

  • Schnapple

    Can't wait - I've been holding off on spending the last of this iTunes credit I have so I could get this.

    • Spid3r

      Game at first will appear in NZ?

  • Josh H.

    Just give me Peggle Nights or update the original one at least ONCE with something new, damn.

  • Hmar9333

    Are you freaking kidding me? That is the day after I go on a school camp (without wi-fi) for a week.


    • Hmar9333

      Scratch that, if it releases on the 15th in Australia, I will be able to grab it before I leave.


      • Craybe

        You think you have it bad! I go into hospital for surgery on the 15th and I'm guessing being in Australia we won't get it until the 16th, I won't have wifi AND I won't be able to do much more than lie in bed with crappy free to air TV and no PvZ. Here is hoping that it releases on the 15th in the mornings so I can download it before I leave home.

  • fpugirl

    Yes! So excited! and coming out on my birthday...great present 🙂

  • Eraser

    Yes, finally! The best popcap game comes to the iPhone! Can´t wait! Day one purchase!

  • 1337brian

    Been waiting on this since it was announced!!! Can't wait!

  • Spid3r

    Game at first will appear in NZ?..

    • Day/Night

      Indeed, Earth revolves around its' own axis, causing a day/night cycle...

  • ash1300

    There's a zombie on your lawn.
    We don't want zombies on our lawn.

  • PitchBlak

    Now, about that Peggle music update...

    • 1337brian

      THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Appaholic

    About $&@?ing time!
    I'm predicting $4.99!

  • Johnny

    It looks cute, but why is this any different from all the other TD games out there?

    • Chris

      it's not a traditional TD format.. there's a single straight path with 5 lanes and about 10 blocks each lane.

      the really deep strategy comes from the layering of effects & the different enemy types, which are really quite different from each other rather than strong monster A and fast monster B.

      The graphics are quite decent, the music is superb and the sound effects are also top notch.

      There's huge replay value in the various achievements and there are about 20 different minigames (some of which are effectively other popcap titles like bejeweled twist).

      • Johnny

        Okay cool! - will have to add it to the list.

  • TheFamousEccles

    I don't see myself getting this unless they add new content

  • Neumannium

    Is this a full port? Are they including things like the Zen Garden and Tree of Life?

    • Mew2468

      Yeah, I'm curious as well. Hopefully there will be a few new mini-games.

    • Mew2468

      And there are 6 lanes on stages involving the pool from the looks of the video. I just noticed.

      • Mew2468

        Whoops, responded to the wrong comment. Silly me.

  • djflippy

    Game of The Year.

  • Citsade

    Looks like we lost a lane (5 from what was 6?), which changes the game a bit, was anything else cut? Anything new added for those who spent hours on the PC version already?

    Bejeweled 2 lost 4 or 5 game modes from the Pocket PC version that came out years ago, which was disappointing. We'll have to see what happens here.

    • Mew2468

      Well, it doesn't look like 10 plants will be able to fit comfortably on the left side of the screen; probably the cause of the lane number difference.

    • FTomato

      The original game had 5 lanes on the front lawn and roof, and 6 lanes in the pool. No lanes have been removed.

      • Citsade

        You're right! I guess I have the pool stages in my head!

  • Erik


    Now let's talk Peggle Nights!

  • Haxor

    This one was extremely addictive for pc

  • Rolf Reimer

    been awhile since i played it on my pc.
    but i will have this!

  • Tzi

    Had heard of this before, was interested just because it was PopCap's. (Peggle <3) And, umm, the trailer was damn random, but I hope they put a Lite version out so I can get the basic idea. And damn if this is so good that I have to buy it - I am very interested in Chinatown Wars, too. :S

  • freedog

    Popcap has announced that the game will be just $2.99

  • Applicazioni iPhone

    great game
    one of my favorite on iphone