Storm Basic has released their hack and slash game Tehra Dark Warrior which we previewed just a couple of weeks ago.

Early feedback is rolling in our forums noting high production values with a core hack 'n slash gameplay mechanic. From squarezero:

Having played for about half an hour, I can't disagree with the gist of Gabrien's impressions. That said, I'm probably enjoying more than he is. It's a middle-of-the road hack 'n slash action game in a platform that has very few of them. The production values are very high, the controls are nearly flawless, there's a real story (nothing new, but it does give some context) and the addition of spells does add some variety to the gameplay. There are some nice environments to explore (without a Gameloft-style arrow telling you exactly where you need to go) and as far as I can tell right now, there's quite a bit of content.

The game features both magic and combat skills, leveling up, and even special visual effects on supported 3rd generation hardware:

We'll take a more in depth look in time.

App Store Link: Tehra Dark Warrior, $3.99

  • Howard

    This looks really great, I am downloading now....

  • MrMuesli

    Looks interesting. I'm wondering how much of an RPG element there is? Maybe even CRPG qualities with lots of text in the vein of Baldur's Gate....but I am doubting it. Still, looks good. Just not sure if that's enough to buy yet another game.

    • squarezero

      It's a hack 'n slash, through and through. You get to level up spells as you go forward (and, as noted in the article, the effects are nice on a 3Gs), but don't expect an action RPG like Baldur's Gate, Diablo or even Dungeon Hunter. On the plus side, combat in the game is more challenging than in DH (you do have block, and some bosses require special finishing moves). On the minus side, the action is pretty repetitive. That doesn't really bother me, but other may find that a deal breaker.

      • MrMuesli

        Thanks for the tips: ) Seeing as you brought Gameloft into it (always a subject of contention I find) would you liken this more to Hero of Sparta then as apposed to DH?

      • squarezero

        Yep, though Tehra benefits from not trying to slavishly imitate one of the most successful games in a portable platform.

  • JD

    I expected the demo video music to end in a nuclear explosion of the Death Star.

    • murk

      haha +1

  • Adams Immersive

    I like those giant bosses.

    I assume the storyline involves a quest for a pair of pants. Maybe there’s a twist at the end: they don’t fit!!!

  • MrMuesli

    But she could always return them if she kept the receipt...

    • MrMuesli

      That was to Adams Immersive by the way... ; )

    • squarezero

      That's the sequel. Tehra: The Quest for Store Credit

      • MrMuesli

        Sticking with the theme (and what a theme!), I think I want to play the prequel; )

      • Adams Immersive

        The prequel where she has no shoes? Interesting—maybe she can only walk on carpet and grass.

  • Vanvance1

    Too much for a basic hack and slash. When it hitss 99 cents I'm in.

  • JB

    So is this basically another "Hero of Sparta" where you have to hack and slash your way up one route to reach the next level?

  • dumas1000

    From my experience, StormBasic doesn\'t create what I would describe as \"complete\" gaming experiences. I guess they are more of an indie dev company, so it's not so much of a surprise. Not all of their games are bad, but are often limited in what they offer. Something is missing. in this case, I guess there is no equipment/loot drops, in the way that you would expect from a typical dungeon-crawler/hack\'n slash. It does look polished and seems to control well. I\'m wary of a StormBasic game at that price. I pay full price for Gameloft and EA games all the time. Dropped 9.99 on GTA:CTW, so it\'s not that I\'m cheap. I\'m just not sold on this company for more than a dollar or two. Two Gameloft games are about to drop, one priced at 9.99 for certain. Perhaps both for 9.99. I think my money would be best served elsewhere.

    • Remon

      Thanks for that!

    • squarezero

      I think your assessment of StormBasic's games is spot on. That said, this is the best, most complete game they have ever released -- by a lot. As far equipment/loot drops are concerned, it's just not that kind of game. I know people usually associate hack n' slash with action RPG, but two are not necessarily intertwined. If this is a genre that you like, I think it's worth the money.

      @JB: It's a bit less linear than HoS, but the comparison is not wrong.

    • jw

      ...that's the wrong way of thinking, that's small minded, or do you think the devs like infinity wards which created the Call of Duty-Series or DICE which created Battlefield which are all big selling games owned by Activision and EA, that the games of these Dev's war superb at way, it's all about potential, skill and the will to imrpove oneself.

      And to the game, sounds (and looks ofcourse) pretty good.

  • qwrtpsdfghjklzxcvbnm

    looks like a very good hack and slash but i couldnt help thinking that the trailer music was too epic... 😛

  • Maythas

    The game is hard like shit. I can't even pass the first boss

    • Nfamus

      GET THIS GAME NOW!!! Yes it is hard but very enjoyable!! Everything is great. Kudos to the dev. I hope this game gets the recognition it deserves. Truly a breakthru in iphone gaming!

  • Beetta

    This game really sucks and i will tell why...pretty difficult. I fought until mission four and now is impossible to go through. Lack of equipment plus lack of potions...even if u master the attack+block skill u wont go any further...amazing graphics, very smooth(different from gamelift games) but not good, not purchase/download this trully a waste of time, neverthelesss, u can use it to show how ur ipho e got amazing games with beautiful graphicd, but do not allow ur friends to play, they would probably hack n

    • Srsbzns

      Seriously... Where do I start? Stating a game sucks just because you yourself find it to be too difficult? It rings of all the idiotic non-gamers that review things on the app store itself. The kind of thick folk that found Frogger too hard back in the day. To the morons who can't fathom polarity switching on Ikaruga, and then of course, you. Here's the brush, I'm taring you with it.

      Here's the thing mate, people ENJOY a challenge. Without a challenge a game is merely a sandbox, for the little kiddy-winks to play in.

      You then go on to state how you shouldn't buy it, yet in the same sentence contradict yourself by saying you could use it as a tech demo for your hardware. Pick and choose scrub, one or the other.

      I wont go into how horrible your post was to read. That's blatantly obvious, even to the visually impaired I'd imagine.

      To the review itself though, Tehra is not, and never will be a difficult game. It's your basic hack n slash, with the element of being able to level spells up thrown in for good measure. Controls are responsive and the general layout is none too shabby. If you want a simple mindless hack n slash, this is worth a look in, if you're after something with more depth, go elsewhere.

      • Beetta

        I'm terribly sorry if i hadnt made a good post with proper english...i'm brazilian and for that is hard for me...

        Anyway, in which level are u playing?
        I already mastered to go to the last level in that game but, believe me, u cant go any further...

        If u coudnt realize that i was joking in some parts of my post, be quiet.

  • Beetta

    btw, if u refer to mispelled words, i wrote that in my iphone...

  • Osolemio

    I'm still waiting for a real ActionRPG.
    Hack and Slash just doesn't keep my interest anymore.

    Tons of items, Tons of side quests. Mmmmmmmmmm

    That being said, the graphics look REALLY GOOD! Loving the costume. haha

  • Beetta

    Honestly, this is the best graphics that i've ever seen on iphone...just amazing

  • Lone

    Very not nice game, far from what i expected
    I am going to rate it 2/5
    Graphic ok, but controls, angle view, gameplay, and techniques ain't so nice. Can't select race too.
    And there isn't such thing as EXP, u dun get level up, u can only buy new techniques, and tell u what, the techniques n magic are so damn limited, pretty boring
    N the worst of all, the game is damn tooo short! Just gameplay less than 4 hours and it's the end 🙁 What a total waste of $4, not worth it at all!

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