223077Resolution Interactive already has had players racing across the water in Aqua Moto Racing [99¢ / Free] and the dirt in Dirt Moto Racing [99¢ / Free]. It seems like the natural progression of racing environments would have to include some kind of arctic racing, which precisely where their newest game, Snow Moto Racing [99¢] comes in.

Featuring 6 tracks, bluetooth multiplayer, unlockable achievements, and strangely enough a file size that is small enough to download over 3G. It shares all the same tilt controls as the previous games, and seems to use a similar engine as the game plays very similar to the other two games in the Moto Racing series short of being on a snowmobile instead of a Jet Ski or an ATV.

The physics in the game can be a little weird at times, with your snowmobile just bouncing off things you run in to instead of crashing, but other than that it's an enjoyable racing game with a price that can't be beat. (Not to mention getting loads of air and pulling of tricks is just as fun on a snowmobile as it is on a ATV or Jet Ski.) While Snow Moto Racing doesn't have a lite version, you can try out the free versions of either Aqua Moto or Dirt Moto to get a good idea of how these games perform and control.

App Store Link: Snow Moto Racing, 99¢

  • Outkast1

    Does the game give you the sensation of drifting on the snow? I went snowmobiling in Colorado this past February and couldn't get over how fun it is! You can go around 50-60mph, get air, and when you're taking corners, sliding on the snow, it's like you're drifting! I'm hoping there is an element of that and the turns are not too sharp.

  • dumas1000

    I wonder why they didn't create a full game? Perhaps Dirt Moto Racing and Aqua Moto Racing didn't sell enough. It's unfortunate if they didn't because they were good games. This has reasonable content for .99, but probably half the content of the others. Maybe even less than that.

    • Victor

      Gameloft should just make this game irrelevant and port the original sled storm for ps1 to the iPhone. Now that was a great snow mobiling game.

  • Caleb

    Err. When seeing the multiplayer part of the video, it didn't seem to exactly match and sync properly. However it's close but some desynching can lead to a lot.

  • alxcoolastru

    Looks interesting, does anybody know how are the graphics, it's just that I love games with extreme graphics ?

  • someguy

    Only 6 levels? That's pretty disappointing. I think I'll just buy Dirt Moto Racing instead...

  • http://musicgamespickles.blogspot.com/ Robert M.

    Would buy it but I'm to busy with Driver and Shaun White Origins...

  • Gordon

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHg5SJYRHA0 This is a amazing video about the game 😀

  • mike

    I wanna see something like AMPED on the iPhone. Imagine a beautiful snowboarding game, using standard side-to-sde swipes for different moves/combos, etc... not hard

  • Bruce

    There's a LITE version out now (Jan 26). Pretty much the same thing as the paid version, but with only one track to race.