IMG_0066We secured a preview copy of Chillingo's latest side scrolling kill everything blood bath, Inkvaders yesterday. I don't normally like these kind of games, but I've found myself oddly drawn to Inkvaders. (No pun intended.) The art style is great and really reminds me of the "Duck Amuck" Daffy Duck cartoon where Daffy fights against the cartoonist. Everything has a hand drawn feel to it, and the game often breaks the fourth wall as fingers straighten things and hands turn pages.

Here is a gameplay video of me going through the tutorial, and the first two levels:

[ Full HD version | Low Bandwidth version ]

The controls are simple and work like every other side scrolling shoot 'em up. The left and right arrows obviously make you move left or right, the jet pack allows you to hover for as long as your fuel meter allows, and the red button fires. There are three weapons in game, and each can be upgraded multiple times. Killing aliens and picking up floating rocks gives you money to buy upgrades. Crates are randomly scattered throughout levels that can be picked up by touching them. The crate labeled with the letter "R" starts rush mode, where the music ramps up and swarms of aliens come from both sides.

Three difficulty modes are included, as well as a story mode that is said to take around two hours to complete as well as an endless endurance mode. Inkvaders is still under development, but will likely be released soon. When it finally does come out, we'll take a more in depth look at the game.

  • sundance kid

    wow. zombieville game play, and zombies vs sheep graphics. count me in.looks great!

  • lolsalad

    first post so a lil like zombieville usa

  • Keith Longwood

    who cares if your pun was intended or not

  • Kiwii

    I hated how it ripped off zombieville.
    But. They fixed the flaw of Zombieville getting boring after a few levels by adding different elements. I really like the Rush thing.

  • Drunknbass

    Damn I really thought with the name "ink" it had a creative drawing type of control scheme. It has great art! But sadly I bought and lived zombievillie but the gameplay like this gets old quick. Also eventho it adds elements it's still not really THAT creative, looks like ideas for cool games(iPhone) are starting to dry up .

    Ps I'm wondering how much longer till someone does that next "cool" creative idea that'll do great and spawn ripoffs for the following months 😛

  • outphase

    I hope you meant Daffy Duck 🙂

  • runik

    As for me this graphics us too ugly :(.
    And Where is new ideas? Jumping is not important gameplay thing - useless

  • Dimitris

    Love the style but have to confess that the bloodpath doesn't match the graphic style of the game.
    They need to make the death funnier rather than gorier and also have some funny face animations for the main character and the aliens.

  • fun games for kids

    Agree with Drunknbass, I though it would be some creative-kind-of game. The graphics not very appealing.