642358I somehow just caught wind of the iPhone game for the History Channel show, Ice Road Truckers [App Store]. Ice Road Truckers is a documentary-style reality series that is on season 3 now, with the first show airing all the way back in 2007. And, up front, if you've never seen the show, you're going to have a hard time appreciating the absurdity of this iPhone title.

The show chronicles the amazing risks that these truck drivers take traversing a series of frozen lakes that double as roads in the winter of northern North America. Thin ice, mechanical problems from sub-zero temperatures, and human fatigue are just a few of the things these truckers need to contend with while making runs down the ice road. The show really is pretty interesting, and worth catching a few episodes if you're in to the kind of shows History Channel airs.

Here's a trailer for the most recent season of the show:

So how does the show translate to the iPhone game? In a word, it's awesome. As a fan of the show, I know it's an extremely dangerous journey and these truckers risk their lives doing what they do. I really don't mean to trivialize their efforts at all because I would never have the guts to drive down the ice road, but the game just comes off as so absurd that much like Enviro-Bear 2010 [App Store], I couldn't help but be smiling ear to ear playing it.


The game starts out with a suspenseful full motion video intro, then you select one of five trucks. As you earn bronze, silver, and gold tires, the other four trucks unlock, each having slightly better acceleration, speed, and handling than the last. After that, you choose one of eleven ice roads to race down, which also unlock as you play through the game.

So what's so great about the Ice Road Truckers game? Well, in the show they're constantly cutting to commercial in dramatic moments, suggesting all the dangers of the ice road, hinting that the particular driver you're watching could go plummeting through the ice at any time, and other things like that. If you've watched any History or Discovery channel reality show, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

642358_4Yeah, all that? Nowhere to be found in the game. Instead, you literally race to the finish, drifting around corners and getting air off hills. Getting air? Yes. Seriously, the first hill you come to in the first track you can jump your eighteen wheeler filled with cargo off of. Not only that, but there's also other trucks on the ice road that are going so slow that you just completely blow by them as you're flooring your truck through the track.

To further add to the ridiculousness, the first ice road is 85 miles long according to the track selection screen. You finish it in a little over three minutes. That means your truck is traveling down the ice road at twice the speed of sound. There are some parts where you have to drive across thin ice, and during these portions of the game you have to keep your truck within a certain speed range indicated by a green area on your speedometer. Otherwise, it's pedal to the metal mach 2 all the way to the finish line.

Please, if you've watched the show, download the lite version of the game. It's so unintentionally hilarious when compared to the show it's supposed to be based on that I'm sitting here laughing just writing about it. And really, it's not that terrible of a game either if you completely dismiss the fact that it's supposed to be simulating the treacherous journey down the ice road, but it's sure to strike a chord if you're a fan of the show. Meanwhile, if you've never watched the show, you can safely skip this one.

App Store Link: Ice Road Truckers, $3.99 - Ice Road Truckers Lite, Free

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  • EatKodosDaily

    I've never seen this show but your review got me laughing out loud.

    As for that thing about traveling at Mach 2 though, I think you need to look at a lot of other racing games. The units they give are always absurd. Super Monkey Balls is the one jumping in my mind right now.

  • Faros

    Shity crapy lame game.

  • thebleeptruth

    OH MY GOD! ICE ROAD TRUCKERS!!! YIPEE!!! Gosh I am so excited............ NOT!!! No offense to the actual drivers in real life. They're hardworking people. But making a game about it??? Do these developers seriously think this would get gamers hooked?? IMO - No appeal whatsoever.

  • Adams Immersive

    I'm waiting for World of Meerkat Manor.

  • EatKodosDaily

    Eh, I tried the lite version. It seemed awfully dull. I won't be bothering with the full version.

  • Lord Gek

    I just can't see making THIS into a game, especially a racing game. If I picked up anything from watching this show is Ice Trucking is simultaneously bare knuckles intensity and EXTREME BOREDOM. You have to be ever vigilant of your road conditions (or complete lack of road) and your truck's status...but if all is going well it's hours and hours of staring into almost white empty space. I'd imagine the mini game Desert Bus in Penn and Teller's Smoke and Mirrors unreleased video game is actually a lot closer to what a true simulation of Ice Trucking.

  • Ross

    Big Rigs Over The Road Racing has been Ported to iPhone?

  • Billy Bob

    Why does this exist?

  • matthelm

    Surprised by the review. The lite game is really boring and I cannot see how I would spend money on this. Just seems like the review is way off the mark for some reason....

  • Yog Shoggoth


    Is this a review of a game or a blog entry?

  • CaseyLay

    lol come on guys. I tried the lite to the game and it really isn't that bad. My friend likes it as well. Still, it's not the racing game I hope for.

  • http://www.drafternoon.com mek

    I tried it months ago, basically you dont even have to steer, just press on the gas, and you will make it to the finish line with no effort whatsover

    i can see if they made the road slippery, and or jackknifing the truck at too hard of a turn would happen, but no..i think i deleted this 10 minutes after i tried it

  • arn

    if you haven't watched the show, the game's not going to be very interesting.


  • Dark NRG

    Yeah, but a bear behind the wheel and everyone will love it....

  • Silverfist

    Polar bear 2010.

    Drive your truck, eat salmon or arctic char, and deliver 32 tons of oil rig supplies before hibernating. Awesome.

    It being a polar bear, of course, Hugh from the show would provide voiceover work.


  • Dark NRG

    Can't it eat baby seals??

  • http://www.3Dave.com 3Dave

    I was actually somewhat surprised by this review as well. It's so glowing, yet seems to be glowing for how overly-stupid the game is. I feel like reviews like this hurt the intergrity of the site, as I only expect the cream of the crop to be featured on it.

  • http://razorianfly.com Sainter @ Razorianfly

    Can't wait for their second game, The Deadliest Catch, lol

  • cookiemonster

    aaaaahahaha, "why does this exist"....so true

  • Enduro

    Remember in history class when you had to learn about Ice Road Truckin'? Why does this game exist and why is this show on the HISTORY channel? Stupid.

  • TKO

    Hmmm.. The real-life show sounds more docu-drama than true History Channel fare. Though much of its content does seem to be veering in that direction, unfortunately. (But hey, I'm a documentary purist. If it isn't modeled after "World at War", it has to do work to win me over.)

    The game itself is, um, okay at best. I must admit it does a good job of getting the feel of the large vehicle, and the icy road. But the frame-rate is too slow. IMHO with how little there is on screen it should have a better frame-rate. And the corners seem kinda inconsequential - keep on the accelerator, barrel on through, and if you leave the road you'll often just bounce around a bit until you're back onto it. Where's the skill needed?

    When you finally do crash, there's a three frame animation of the truck collapsing through the ice, and *boom* you're back on the road. Blink and you'll miss it. Was there no money in the budget for crashes? With a Big Rig these should be spectacular. ..and one of the options on the main menu gives a screwed up screen of text with no buttons on screen to return.

    I want to like it, but it's like most big-company productions: badly optomized and lacks polish.

  • Glyndwr

    I think Ice Road Truckers would translate better to an Oregon Trail sort of game... Hmm... that could fun.

  • Jp Hammer

    I think they should make an Ice Road Truckers Game for xbox 360. You can drive on a frozen lak or a frozen ocean. Evan on the Dulton. You could get phase 3 blows when your driving and haul back hauls and oversized loads. If you get and oversized load you make more money and it is harder to hadle. Thats my idea.