Gameloft has released their Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes [App Store] game to the App Store tonight.

  • The iPhone version of the world-famous Brothers In Arms franchise.
  • 14 missions in 3 campaigns: Normandy, Ardennes & Tunisia.
  • Unbelievable 3D graphics recreating the atmosphere of a real Hollywood WWII blockbuster.
  • Drive a 4x4 vehicle or a Sherman tank and use a wide range of weapons (bazooka, sniper rifle, machine guns, etc.)
  • Use the accelerometer function to launch grenades & the touch screen to shoot at enemies.

We'll post some video and thoughts of it shortly.

App Store Link: Brothers In Arms: Hour of Heroes, $9.99

  • Kevin


  • CBraun53

    What is putting me off right now is the in the description it says "For fans of shooter & action games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed & Kroll". I guess I'll wait to see what Arn's gotta say as well as some other reviews.

    Also, it'd be really nice if they included some form of online play in the game. If they did and it was well done, I'd be willing to pay more then $9.99.

  • Kevin

    but tho... it is MUCH different than scene that they showwed us... and they said its game play video... or w/e :/

  • Steve

    somebody for the love of GOD tell us how it is...... ahahahahah!

  • Jack

    Err...... doesn't look great. And it's gameloft, so I don't think I'll be getting it. I'll wait for Rolando :P.

  • Vin

    this looks cool i suppose, gameloft does have some interesting games (Guitar Rock Tour). i might just pick this up but im not really sure yet.. i blew way too much cash on the appstore already and $9.99 makes me very hesitant lol

  • cam

    ill tell u in 1 min
    just got it

  • Wabaam

    ......i think ill spend my money on rolando xD

  • arn

    ok, while the video is encoding.

    it's not bad. The controls definitely take some getting used to. I went through the tutorial not knowing I could look around. 🙂

    But overall surprisingly a lot of range of movement, though you are directed to certain check points. Fights skirmishes seem overall scripted as a unit. And it's kinda easy in the first level (in that you don't die that easily in the middle of enemy fire). But again, it was the first level.

    Overall impressive. video soon.


  • cam

    This is a great game glad I spent my money on it dealt good game

  • drez

    mine won't load up , not even by rebooting but I'll try again

  • defaude

    Arn it's nearly impossible that you passed through tutorial without looking around 😀 At the beginning still hanging at the tree you HAVE TO look around before the script goes on and the message comes with the action button to cut you off... 😉

  • arn

    ya, I exaggerated. I did look around in the tree, but thought that was just for that part. Then, I didn't realize I could look around again until the guy on the roof kept shooting me and I couldn't see him. 🙂


  • Peter321

    I think the reason they mention Kroll and Star Wars in the description is to get more search hits. I've seen it done in other descriptions too.

    So when people search for Star Wars, this game is also listed.

    All of the racing games mentions their competitors in the listing too, for the same reason if you ask me 😉

  • Marcus

    Lol yes! That's what one dev did. He put all the games he was 'currently playing' in his description.

    Time for Hero Of Sparta now..

  • BeyondtheTech

    Sorry to sound like a party pooper, but after 75% of the games I purchased in the last two months have dropped in price or had a temporary discount, I'll just wait and keep an eye out until they do the same to this one. I could have saved myself nearly $40 easily if I hadn't pulled the 'Buy App' trigger so quickly upon its release.

  • Bob

    Doesnt work on 2.2 ipod touch 🙁

  • Marko

    I've got a 2nd Gen Ipod Touch firmware 2.2 and works perfectly...:-)

  • karma

    mine wont load up either i have a 1 gen iphone

  • karma

    any suggetions for what to do
    ? please comment back

  • CoolGamer230


  • CoolGamer230

    hold the power button and the exit button at the same time until the little apple sigh appears. Then let it sit for a couple mins.

  • CoolGamer230


  • gamefreak


  • linda wei

    wutever i dont think it ll be that good . still wait on RELIC

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