We're finally starting to see a trickle of online multiplayer gaming coming to the iPhone. A couple of new updates are starting to offer this feature to some popular games.

Tap Tap Revenge

The 1.5 update to this free rhythm game offers online play against friends and those you live near you. Multiple people play the same song at the same time and are ranked based on performance. Nothing motivates you more than head-to-head competition.

App Store Link: Tap Tap Revenge, Free

Raging Thunder

This update is not yet available, but a Polarbit representative posted details about the pending update. Version 1.0.3 of Raging Thunder will contain online, real-time, internet multi-player racing.

We’ve received *a lot* of e-mail from gamers about Raging Thunder - the majority of it very positive. The one feature that people seem to have missed is online multiplayer. Nice guys that we are, we’ve taken these words to heart and included it in the latest update at no extra cost. Remember though that this first release is a public beta. There might be issues still in there, and we’d really appreciate if you report these to beta@polarbit.com

In order for the online multi-player to succeed, users are asked to download and setup individual servers for people to play on.

Remember: the more people that host servers, the more servers there are for people to choose from, and the more people will hang around looking for someone to play against! For this thing to work, it kinda hinges on you guys actually getting some servers up out there around the globe. It would be really cool to see a fat server list once the game goes live in a few days. We’d also recommend you to include the name of your country or something in your server name – instructions to configure are enclosed with the server package.

Raging Thunder happens to be on sale now at only $3.99 (from $7.99). We previously reviewed the game and found it enjoyable. Certainly, online multiplayer could take it to the next level.

App Store Link: Raging Thunder, $3.99

  • Jack

    Don't forget Galcon. The first online iPhone game! Testing TTR 1.5 was fun, great to see it out. I might have to get Raging Thunder just because of online races...

  • cam

    i might get racing thing but ttr on line its so much fun its not even funny

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    a suggestion for a nother online game (Xplain) that would be a beast game online

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    I love the game tap tap revenge2

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    its not even hard to play at all .......................................

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    You guys suck. I'm a pro at that game. I never miss a beat. Grab your bag, it's on

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    i got 1,348,745 on extreme. the song was bulletproof by La Roux, BEAT THAT!

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    try tap tap revenge 3 and see how u like it

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    this is soooooooooo unfair i thought i got to play it on the intrnet gosh were can i plz comment

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    this game its easy

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    ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! man u half to play on line inthought u could play on the coumputer thats to bad.
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    to bad u cant play on line that would be real helpful.so ill go with every one else oppinion.its fun.:):):):):) lol

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