I-Play has released an iPhone game based on the popular TV series Deal or No Deal [App Store].

For those unfamiliar with the TV shows, the game involves picking one suitcase out of twenty-six which holds an unknown dollar amount typically between $1 and $1,000,000. The game involves opening the remaining cases to remove them from play. At regular intervals the contestant is offered a cash amount from the banker to buy back the contestant's case. The goal is to get the best deal.

App Store Link: Deal or No Deal, $4.99

  • Noah

    As simple as this game is, I find it highly entertaining!

  • Jeff M

    No matter what the production values, this is one concept I just can't see paying $5 for... And I normally get games at full price before the inevitable price drop. I'm waiting on this one.

  • Selina

    Unfortunately, I cannot stand Noel Edmonds and so have never had any time for this game...

  • SebiMeyer

    No deal.

  • OahuSurf

    I wanted to jump on this but the graphics look like a normal cell phone game, all pixely, Looks lame. Will buy maybe with a price drop.

  • Rocco

    Considering you can play this game for free online, I'm not sure why anyone would put out money just to have it with them 'anywhere they go.' The price is absolutely ridiculous.

  • snave

    This App is not available in the UK App Store πŸ™

  • Marcus

    Yea snave πŸ™ but it would've been 3.99 which i'm not sure i'd have dished out based on the 3 reviews on the US store. Referring to the choppy graphics comment, i think the graphics look decent enough from the screenshots?

  • http://www.chucksmith.de Chuck Smith

    Not in the German store either. Guess this one is US only. Grrr. Someone really needs to change copyright law and exclusive country agreements to come to terms with the demands of a globalized society.

  • Rowan

    I haven't bought the game, although I find it interesting. Not a 'must have at any price' type game though, I will also wait.

    However, if they made the app far larger and used video footage (a la Apple Texas Hold'em) so it was completely video-photo realistic, then it would be quite cool.

    I must have good graphics to enjoy a game.

    Now excuse me whilst I go play Lemonade Stand with the Apple II classic graphics mode on, I love that game! πŸ™‚

  • http://www.nikdaum.com Nik Daum

    Look at how many women and numbers there are on the screen. Finally a game that addresses my core needs.

  • Chris

    Lol "no deal"...that was a good one πŸ˜‰

  • Fat Phil

    Noel Edmunds is undead. I swear the guy doesn't look a day older, barring a flash of X-Men-esque silver hair.

  • Jeff

    I love deal or no deal but i'll wait for this game to have a price drop (which i no it will) and an update improving everything.