At TouchArcade, we receive a lot of submissions from developers about new games and updates. While we very much appreciate the contacts, due to time constraints we are unable to review every game submitted.

We do feel that gameplay videos are an important component in decision making for buying an iPhone game, and some developers have kindly provided videos with their submissions. Here's a collection of some game videos that may appeal to our readers.

Subway Shuffle ($2.99, Free Lite) - puzzle game which you must determine the proper subway route.
Asterope ($2.99) - unique game involving a spaceship and a grappling hook
Pathways ($4.99) - "pathway" puzzle game with 75 levels
Firewall: Defender 001 ($0.99) - space themed Tower Defense game
THTouch ($0.99) - Texas Hold'em with unique interface

Videos after the break:

Subway Shuffle ($2.99, Free Lite)

Here's the setup: you are riding the subway, and your task is to reach your destination. The problem is, there are other subway cars in your way! Each subway car can move only on its own color line: the red cars on the Red Line, the blue cars on the Blue Line, etc. Can you shuffle the cars from station to station, eventually moving your own car to your exit station?

Puzzlers will probably like this game, and a free Lite version is available to try out.

Asterope ($3.99)

Experience an independently developed, story driven game where your mission is to stop the Androids' invasion of Earth!

Certainly has unique gameplay.

Pathways ($4.99)

This exciting new game puts you in the shoes of a curious young boy looking for adventure. It's up to YOU to navigate through challenging and brain stimulating PATHWAYS in order to find your missing friend!

Seventy-five addicting levels, each progressively harder than the last, will leave you scratching your head as you make your way towards the climactic ending.

Firewall ($0.99)

Welcome, Artificial Intelligence Agent 1.4.3. Your assignment is to DEFEND our vital interweb data in Grid 817 from attacks by cyber terrorists. To do this you must manage deployment of our new adaptive breach system code named FIREWALL: Defender 001.

A version of Tower Defense.

THTouch ($0.99)

It aims at giving you an interface that never obscures your view at all the facts on the table and is incredibly easy to use.

With the unique wheel-like finger interface that always shows you a context sensitive amount of options to select from with a single swipe to the appropriate direction you'll learn to play the game blindly in a matter of just a few minutes.

Texas Hold'em (poker) with a unique user interface.

  • Jessica

    Subway shuffle is an awesome game. Great visuals and nicely executed. I have 2 issues with it however:

    1. The object of the game is to get your subway car to its destination in the least amount of moves. There is a set number moves that each level has so at the least you should be able to do it in that many moves if not less. Every move you make is +1 on your moves counter. Problem is that if you move something and then move it back - its considered 2 moves, which I feel is unfair. If you simply make one move and move it back to the original spot (2 moves) and it hasn't really changed the way the game was from its original position - then this should not be counted. The game should be intelligent enough to know when something has been returned to its original spot in only 2 moves and therefore not count towards your final tally. If of course you move it more than 2 moves and then still return it to its original position before the move - then that should count. I just don't see why a single move and a direct move back should count against you.

    2. Level 62 onwards seems to be unorganised. Preceeding this, as each level increases, the number of moves increase and the increments were small - which makes sense. It originally ended at level 65 until someone beat that so the author had to do an update and add more levels. Problem is from 62 to 70 (the last level) - it seems very disorganised. Some of the higher levels have less moves than previous levels and the last 2 levels suddenly jump with a huge amount of moves. Level 68 needs 185 moves, 69 - 329 moves and 70 - 589 moves. It feels like this was a desperate measure done by the author to ensure nobody could beat it a second time around. I would have prefered to see a more gradual increase to say level 100 rather than increasing 400 moves in just 2 levels!

  • Aubrey Hearn

    Hi Jessica,

    I'm glad you think Subway Shuffle is an awesome game! Let me respond to your two issues:

    1. If you hit the undo button, you'll undo the last move, *and* reduce the move count, which is what you want. I considered also reducing the move count if you manually reverse the move you just made. But then as you say, at some point, probably if you make two moves and then take them back, you want to count them -- so it seemed a bit inconsistent to me. I can see users getting confused making moves at random and seeing the move counter sometimes go up and sometimes go down.

    2. If you are up to level 62, then my compliments to you! Honestly, I think the vast majority of players will never get that far. These levels are very, very difficult. (Personally, I haven't solved the last three levels.) My feeling is that at this point, solving each successive level is a significant undertaking, so the player should feel they've accomplished something. Thus, the larger steps. You're right; originally I thought nobody would solve 65; 329 moves was "ridiculously high". I was happy to have it beaten, but I do feel the very last level should be virtually unbeatable, to offer a real challenge, so I raised the bar significantly when 65 was solved.

    That said -- if you want more hard levels, I'm happy to make them! And by the way, there are 11 new levels in the newest update, version 2.0.2. So now the hardest level is actually #81.

    Oh, and you mentioned that sometimes the move count goes down as you increase in levels. Yes, they are roughly ordered by difficulty, which is not always the same as number of moves. If you look at the game tree -- some levels are almost unbranched, and some are very bushy and messy.

  • jakeamann23

    thanks for these videos. they definitely help when trying to decide on a purchase. the only one i have form this list so far is pathways but i will probably grab firewall as well. thanks!

  • Jessica

    Hi Aubrey,

    Thanks for the response and the great game. With regards to the undo button, I am aware of this, but it is a hassle. As I think ahead and I move something and then realise actually I don't want that move and move it back, I just feel we shouldn't be penalised by it and the game should automatically deduct the 2 moves. I just want to see the system automate the undo rather than having to click the undo button twice manually. Users wont get confused if the rule is used as follows:

    A -> B -> A = 2 moves back to original point - 2 moves deducted.

    A -> B (Your train) E -> F (another train) B -> A = 2 moves not deducted because E -> F was executed.

    A -> B -> C -> B = 2 moves back to original point (C) - 2 moves deducted.

    A -> B -> C -> B -> A = 4 moves back to original point - 0 moves deducted.

    These rules however only allow the last forward move to be undone if it is returned to its original place. This means if you undo your entire route following the very path you created, the system does not undo all the moves. That job can still be done by the undo button. I just want us to have a way to undo the last move done if it is moved back to its original position in 2 moves without any other changes happening.

    Thanks for clarifying that number of moves doesn't equal difficulty.

  • Aubrey Hearn

    Hi Jessica,

    OK, I understand what you want, and actually I've also gotten email from others saying they agree with you.

    So... probably, expect to see that change in an update soon. (Not the next one, 2.0.3, as it's already been submitted to Apple.)


  • Jessica

    Hi Aubrey,

    Thanks for considering it. It will make the game a lot more easier. Could I ask one more favour please. I noticed the jump from 2.0.2 to 2.0.3 in the last 7 days and would appreciate it if within the iTunes store you would put a point by point line about what exactly each specific update has, this would just be helpful to know.

    Your website should also probably be updated as some of the information seems to be outdated. You mention that some people contacted you via email? Well there is no email address on the website and iTunes support link just brings you back to the main website. It would be nice for us to be actually be able to contact you.

    May I suggest you start a thread here at TA to keep us updated when you update the game? This would allow there to be some active discussion regarding your game and would allow you to respond (TA seems to love developers who interact with their customers) but also keep the game in the minds of others who might be curious and could turn into potential future customers - a win win for you.

  • Aubrey Hearn

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for pointing out that the website needs to be updated. (The number of levels is out of date.)

    In the App Store, for every app there's a WHAT'S NEW IN THIS VERSION section listing changes -- I do always list what's new or changed there. For 2.0.3 all that changed was the German translation. It turns out that the original German translation I got from my localization service was very bad, and I had to immediately replace it with a better one.

    My email is listed on the settings page in the app.

    Excellent suggestion re starting a thread here for updates / discussion!