That was quick. After just profiling Digital Legend's side-scrolling fighter, Kroll [App Store] has appeared in the App Store.

The developer provides the following feature list:

  • KROLL will immerse gamers in amazing 3-D action with its groundbreaking technology built explicitly for iPhone touch screen with its full graphics capabilities.
  • Epic environments enhance the iPhone gameplay experience, with hectic fighting at the mountainside, inside molten magma mines, and high above active volcano in magical floating prison. To learn the secret behind the legend of KROLL, gamers must conquer mythic enemies and creatures.
  • Bash’n’Crush your way through nine hectic levels destroying ever increasing amount of enemy hordes and play through awesome cinematic boss battles.
  • Extend your experience through 3 difficulty level (Normal, Hard and Insane) for more and more crushing action. Scoring system keeps track of your progress.
  • iPhone and iPod touch special features: Use the accelometer of your device to activate special attacks and the touch screen for controlling your character.

Kroll is available for $7.99. App store link: Kroll

  • Sky Blue

    Looks good. Would like to know the length though...

  • nizy

    WOW! Just got and played though level 1 on Normal setting. Pretty good. Took about 10 mins for this level. Reminds me of my Golden Axe days on the Mega drive!!! Graphics are very good, controls seem good - very easy to pick up. Boss battle was a QTE thing, hitting icons when the appear on screen.

  • arn

    First impressions. The visuals are very impressive. Great looking game.

    The controls work well. The gameplay, however, is very simple. There is move left/right, fast attack left/right and slow attack left/right.

    So you are just hitting attack a lot and running through. The Boss fights are even more simplistic - basically it's one big cut-scene. Big boss appears and this icon appears at certain moments and you have to press the icon very quickly. If you don't, you get killed. If you do hit the icon at the right moment, it branches to a cut scene where you dodge/fight in some elaborate manner. You have to press the icon about 4-5 times at the right moment to make it through a boss fight.


  • CrocStock

    My god, those graphics are pretty impressive. Lets just hope it plays as well as it looks.

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  • arn

    video's been updated to actual gameplay video from

  • West

    Just grab this game. The graphics are nice but with just 3 short chapters this game is a little over price 4.99 would of been a fair price imo.

  • mek

    from the video it looks like an icon appears, and you have to press it, like guitar hero style? or does that icon appear when you press in that area?

  • arn

    @mek - no all controls are available, they just dim out when not in use.

  • Jonathan

    Hey Mek,
    You from Thiland? If so, drop me an email

  • Barry Ward

    Looks boring if you ask me! I was falling asleep watching that. Walk, attack, walk, attack to the right, attack to the left, walk,attack, walk, attack, yawn, yawn...zzzzzzzzzz

  • Gregz0r

    Looks like it's too 'on rails' to me. The iphone needs a true, open world game, like GTA. We need Rockstar to port one their PSP games to the iPhone, in a simplified form, control-wise.

  • CMB

    Got it as soon as I saw it was on the App Store. The graphics are fantastic. The gameplay is fun in the style of Golden Axe, if a little simple. It reminds me of those side scrolling Playstation 1 games we got when developers didn't quite know what to do with 3D so made 2D games with 3D scenery. I don't think the game will last long, but it should be fun to replay in short bursts, and great value for £4.99? I've paid that for many a crappy game for an old Nokia phone that I haven't looked twice at after a quick play.

    I love that the iPhone seems to be at a point in its lifespan where the developers have sussed the graphics and we're finally getting smooth frame rates that don't chug. Comparing Crash Bandicoot Racing to Raging Thunder is like comparing Daytona v Sega Rally on the Sega Saturn back in the day, if anyone else remembers those? *ahh, memories*

    Off topic, but am I the only person who thinks Daytona on the iPhone would rock.. it could easily handle it looking at Raging Thunder and would surely be a license to print money for Sega...

  • Alex

    @CMB agreed, but I reckon the iPhone has a way to go yet. These are only first generation games. Ideal tap/tilt control schemes for different genres have yet to be figured out and it usually takes years for the best to be squeezed out of a hardware platform.

    To carry the PS1 analogy forward, what we are seeing are the likes of Ridge Racer, Battle Arena Toshinden and Jumping Flash. We still have the likes of Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3, Metal Gear Solid etc yet to come 😀

    I LOVED the Saturn! Such an under-rated console. There are so many ideas from the Saturn / Dreamcast that Sega need to bring to iPhone... Sonic, NiGHTS, Burning Rangers, Out Run, Sega Rally, Panzer Dragoon, I could go on and on (but I won't).

  • Ataru

    To those saying this is like Golden Axe etc - no it isn't. Go and play Golden Axe again and you'll see. In those old fighters you could move in and out of the screen, and you could jump. Kroll is super basic by comparison, it's the most basic form of button masher. As a tech demo though, it's fine.

  • Shaun

    A good game but the iphone needs better controls to become a true competitor to DS and PSP. While the multi-touch screen is a real bonus the lack of physical buttons are a real drawback.

    Apple need to turn the iphone home button in to a PSP analog controller (which would fit in with the one face button design) and then add a couple of low profile shoulder buttons. The PSP would then become a real contender for best mobile game console

  • Alex

    @Shaun don't hold your breath. For better or worse, the removal of physical buttons has clearly been a design goal for the iPhone. They're not going to start adding them now.

    I'm rather looking forward to discovering what it *can* do well and the unique games it brings. I'm loving what I'm starting to think of as "cup of coffee" games that only cost a few quid and have done their job well if they amuse me for a few hours.

    The PSP for all its control options seems to mainly have dreary PS2 ports.

  • NotYou

    "A good game but the iphone needs better controls to become a true competitor to DS and PSP">>>>>
    "A lame game. The iphone needs better games to become a true competitor to DS and PSP.

    I fixed it for you.

  • Shaun

    Alex "Shaun don’t hold your breath. For better or worse, the removal of physical buttons has clearly been a design goal for the iPhone. They’re not going to start adding them now"

    You are probably right i just think there is an opportunity to meet halfway - no need for DS or PSP button layouts which i agree would compromise the clean design -just change the home button to a psp analog button and add another couple of discreet volume control type buttons on the side.

    Maybe the zeemote controller is the way to go

  • Alex

    I can't imagine Apple adding buttons just for game play but who knows... They might add additional buttons for other purposes and allow developers to co-opt them.

    For instance, it's dumb that the volume up/down control on the side isn't used as a zoom in/out control when in camera mode.

    Maybe we'll get a smarter button arrangement on the side some day, that game developers can employ as game controls.

    The zeemote looks interesting but controller add-ons will have the same problems that console extensions always have. If it's not part of the default hardware it won't be supported well by game developers (unless it maps to existing inputs like the accelerometer).

  • Fokion

    I don't think that the iPhone will ever become a "true" handheld console. On the other hand, it could be an amazing platform for point & click (touch?) games, such as Puzzle Quest, board games, or even turn based strategy.

    I'd love to see a version of Heroes of Might & Magic on the machine, or even some old Lucasarts or Sierra adventures remade for the platform (I know there's emulators out there, but I don't want to hack the device plus it can make those games look better).

    DS type games could work as well, such as Advance Wars or Layton.

  • Jerek

    Wow, my iPod has a better 3d engine than a nintendo DS...I hate Nintendo, lol

  • John

    I wouldn't mind shoulder buttons that double as volume buttons, and maybe a button on each side that could teleport to mail and safari respectively, and be used in gameplay...and if they added an even better graphics card, I'd pay 350$ for that!!

  • Kaye Lubow

    Superb site, where did you come up with the info in this article? Im pleased I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.