Mobile developer Handcircus recently gave us a heads-up on a title they have in development for the iPhone and iPod touch known as Rolando.  A physics-based platform / puzzler, Rolando was designed from the ground up as an iPhone game and makes full use of the iPhone's multitouch interface.

As the YouTube video shows, Rolando looks to be a clever and promising title that has "iPhone" written all over it.  We can't wait to see this one arrive at the App Store.

Learn more about Handcircus and the work that went into creating Rolando at the company's blog.

  • wok

    Wow! I've been obsessively waiting for the appstore for gaming and this blows everything i've seen out of the water so far. it looks fantastic!

  • Simon

    Wow this does look great. Blatantly inspired by locoroco but I don't care.

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  • blakespot

    This title does bear a similarity to LocoRoco, but the control system (and graphics, really) seem rather more complex. I think this might be the more interesting game. (Not that I'd not like to see an accelerometer-controlled LocoRoco land on the iPhone - it's one of my favorite titles on the PSP.)

  • Drake Philmore

    I'd call this more than inspired by LocoRoco. Even the name is derivative. There's obvious talent behind this, but it's like seeing a new iPhone game called King Monkey in which "Pedro" jumps burning tires thrown down a set of inclined walkways by a giant chimp. Sure, it'd be fun, but you just can't call it brilliantly original.

  • arn

    Still... if/when Sony ports their game over, maybe I'll give them my money, in the meanwhile, I'm happy to see this game for the iPhone.

  • Adisah

    I can't wait until this comes out. I'm purchasing first day unless it's over $9.99.

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  • t0mat0

    It just reminded me - are we going to see Worms ported over?! Looks like there are going to be some great games out!

  • Jenna Fox

    Regarding Worms, Zodttd (the one man band who brought many classic console emulators to the jailbroken iPhone scene, as well as Open Transport Tycoon) has been talking about plans to port Hedge Wars over to the platform ( ). As far as I can tell, nothing about that game is beyond the limits of the App Store, and given Zodttd has already talked about plans to build original commercial app store games, there's a really good chance the port will be available on both the App Store and through the open system. Certainly either way, the Jail Breaking scene has been extremely rapidly progressing with getting 2.0 supported and unlocked, so if it doesn't end up in the app store you sure will be able to use it that way. 🙂

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