Details have emerged surrounding what developers wishing to distribute games and other applications through the iTunes App Store will face as far as control over their content and store limitations.

AppleInsider reports that people familiar with the matter indicate that developers will have wide-ranging control over the manner in which their applications are presented.

...the iPhone maker is said by those aware of the submission interface to be offering a significant amount of control over how and where apps are delivered.

A web-based portal lets developers manage a large number of business and store presentation elements. It also lets these creators set the compatibility of the app with the iPod touch, the global regions where program should be distributed, and even game content ratings that roughly match American and European standards, warning parents of particularly sexual or violent content during play.

Some limitations developers will encounter concern application size and price.  Applications uploaded to the App Store via the iTunes Connect service have apparently been given a maximum file size limit of 2GB. Apps that need to draw on an extensive, local database may be limited by this restriction--but 2GB does not seem claustrophobic for a device such as the iPhone.

Apple is reportedly implementing a tiered pricing system in the App Store.  Developers wishing to charge for their applications can set the price as low as 99 cents or as high as $999.99.  Movement in price between those extremes occurs in increments from between $1 and $100, depending on the relative price of the app.

According to AppleInsider sources, Apple will not sell titles through the App Store that would merit an "adult" rating.

As for just when the App Store will make it's debut, there is evidence that the "early July" launch that Apple has spoken of will coincide with the July 11th launch of the iPhone 3G.

When customers will have their own turn at the App Store isn't clear from the information Apple is sending out. The company has officially stated "early July." However, those familiar with the App Store submission process say a 'sell-on date' option included as part of the application submission process currently defaults to July 11th, the same day as the iPhone 3G first goes on sale. Others who've spoken directly to Apple about the launch date have also been told July 11th.