Voice Fantasy

◆The updated contents of Ver1.3.5
-Characters of "Secret of Mana" is added. You can use those characters i…
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◆The updated contents of Ver1.3.5
-Characters of "Secret of Mana" is added. You can use those characters in the battle mode of Voice Fantasy!

◆The updated contents of Ver1.3.0
-The new game mode added. You can compete highscore with other people through Game Center!

-The new function to choose the graphic designs in the game is added.
This time, you can choose the theme of Thanksgiving Day and Christmas.

♪♪ It’s time to send your voice into battle! ♪♪

◆◇◆ Welcome to the new sensation voice party game: VOICE FANTASY! ◆◇◆

● What kind of app is it?
・Record your voice and your friends’, then use the voices to summon different characters and have them fight each other!

● What’s so good about it?
♪ Different voices summon characters with different vocations, skills, and other attributes. Collect as many as you can!

♪ Time to pit your characters against each other in battle. Being a Square Enix game, the world is distinctly reminiscent of a certain famous RPG…!? The battle is fully automated, though, so all gamers can enjoy it to the full.

♪ The voices you’ve recorded will be used by the characters during battle. You’ll be in stitches watching the cute characters squaring up to each other with you and your friends’ dulcet tones!

● Let’s have some fun!
♪ Collect your friends’ and colleagues’ voices… Who can talk up a storm in your class? Who is the voice to be reckoned with in your company?

♪ Make your next gathering or party something to really shout about!
Maybe this app will even win you the voice of that special someone!?

♪ Record voices from your favorite TV show or anime, and set up your own dream match!
・Host a deciding match between your favorite comedians.
・Pit those anime characters against each other in a fantasy showdown.
That’s just to get you started. See what hilarious battle combinations you can come up with, and have your friends roaring with laughter!

● Plenty of game modes to choose from.
♪ There’s Solo Match, where you pit one character against another.

♪ Or you can play a riotous two versus two Tag Match.

♪ And let’s not forget the single player mode ‘Demon King’, where you can take on a monster of an opponent!

You can also use the Voice Editor function to play around with the voices you’ve recorded however you want.

Devices supported
○iPhone(3G, 3GS, iPhone4), iPad, iPodtouch(4th)
△iPodtouch(2nd, 3rd) ※
×iPhone(1st), iPodtouch(1st)
※To play using an iPod touch that doesn’t have a built-in microphone, you’ll need a separate microphone. Apple-manufactured mic-enabled headphones will work, but we recommend that you play using one of the devices marked with a ○.

# A series of famous characters from the most popular and highly-regarded Square Enix titles are scheduled to become available for battling soon! More information to follow.

# Additional game mode coming soon!

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