Please be advised that payment for this game is in no way related to CRYSTAL DEFENDERS and CRYSTAL DEFENDERS…
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Please be advised that payment for this game is in no way related to CRYSTAL DEFENDERS and CRYSTAL DEFENDERS for iPad.
"Crystal Defenders,” a defense simulation game highly rated the world over for its simple gameplay and deep strategy, is back! Introducing “Crystal Defenders Plus,” the latest evolution in the hit series.

It’s never been easier to enjoy this game. Simply download the app and play the introductory map (The Bisga Greenlands from W1) for free. And if you want to keep playing, you can purchase additional maps, either individually or all at once.

New maps are also planned in future updates. The fun has only just begun!

*Please note that until additional maps have been released, game content will be identical to "Crystal Defenders."


About Crystal Defenders

“Crystal Defenders” is defense simulation game in which you deploy Soldiers, Black Mages, and other characters with jobs from “Final Fantasy Tactics” to defend your party's crystals against hordes of monsters. Available on a variety of platforms worldwide, this hit title has already exceeded a million downloads.

Three versions available: W1, W2, and W3. W1 provides an introduction to the game, W2 ups the strategic ante with a new game element known as Power Crystals, and W3 challenges even the most seasoned players.


A wide variety of monsters continuously appear at the map entrance, then try to make their way to the exit. There may even be more than one entrance and exit! You lose crystals whenever a monster makes it out. Deploy a variety of characters, including Soldiers and Black Mages, to prevent encroaching monster hordes from stealing your party's crystals. Anyone can learn to play this simple game system in no time, yet it still demands advanced strategy. You must consider map topography when placing characters, deploy military might according to the attributes of enemies that change with each stage, level up characters in the most efficient manner, and keep other strategic considerations in mind.
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Jan 01, 2013
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