The origin of the SaGa Franchise, “COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND,” is now available! With high-speed mode and …
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The origin of the SaGa Franchise, “COLLECTION of SaGa FINAL FANTASY LEGEND,” is now available! With high-speed mode and adjustable screen orientation, these games have been powered up for this re-release. Assign buttons how you wish and even play one-handed! Enjoy these titles in either English or Japanese. - Included titles FINAL FANTASY LEGEND Selling over one million copies, the first title in the series lets you choose from human, mutant, or monster protagonists to enjoy a wide range of gameplay styles. Monsters gain abilities by consuming meat to transform into different monsters—a revolutionary concept for the time. Climb a tower that spans the world to reach paradise and enjoy a variety of different sub-world! FINAL FANTASY LEGEND 2 The franchise found its stride with this title, which sees adventurers explore many different worlds. Featuring mechs and guest characters, the diversity in gameplay has never been better. Traverse the land collecting magi to unlock the secrets of the universe! FINAL FANTASY LEGEND 3 Featuring a story that spans time and space, this unique title provides many firsts for the franchise. Six different races provide endless amounts of customization, and the protagonists can change between them as well. Board the Talon and travel between the past, present and future! - New features * High-speed mode with faster movement and dialogue * Switch between horizontal and vertical screen orientation * Choose freely between English and Japanese – the language you choose determines which version you will play --------------------------------------------- * This app is a one-time purchase with no additional in-app payments. * The games have largely been faithfully replicated in their original form, but some elements have been adjusted to meet evolving cultural and social norms. Required OS: iOS 13.0 or greater Compatible Devices: Iphone 6s/iPod touch (generation 7)/iPad (generation 5) / iPad Air2 / iPad midi4 or later
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Sep 21, 2021
Updated:Sep 21, 2021
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