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NETFLIX MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. This time, you're the bombshell! Crash the retreat and start drama among paired-up singles…
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NETFLIX MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. This time, you're the bombshell! Crash the retreat and start drama among paired-up singles in this season of "Too Hot to Handle," the beloved dating game based on the series. More customization! Fewer inhibitions! Will you find love and romance or go for casual hookups in this dating game? Flirt with glittering singles, get tangled up in love triangles and make fateful decisions that could have lasting consequences for your dating life. Can you abstain from getting frisky and build a true romance? Or will you succumb to infatuation? The story is in your hands. Based on the hit Netflix reality series "Too Hot to Handle." EVEN MORE WAYS TO CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER • Choose your character's look and personality as well as their age, facial hair, astrological sign, occupation and more. • Find yourself attracted to someone, but hate their haircut? Now you can also customize the clothes and hairstyles of your love interests. Make the updates permanent or change them whenever your heart desires. Bring on those fixer uppers! BE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF TO FIND LOVE AND ROMANCE • Choose your pronouns, hobbies and more. Love interests will respond based on your choices and how you engage in conversations. Not into a suitor's vibes? Life is short — let 'em know! SHARE YOUR "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" CHARACTER • Download and share your customized character with the community. Change the background, include vital information like pronouns and occupation, and even add your character's significant other! Show off your dating choices. CHLOE VEITCH RETURNS • Netflix reality star Chloe Veitch makes a triumphant return to the resort to help contestants (including you) with workshops designed to encourage growth in dating and romance. But in true "Too Hot to Handle" fashion, they can often lead to more drama. SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES • Disrespect too many "Too Hot to Handle" rules, and there will be a steep price to pay. Still not getting the message? Better cool it, because you could be eliminated early. Oh, the shame! COMING SOON: GET OUT OF THE FRIEND ZONE, TURN UP THE ROMANCE • Are you starting to have feelings for a so-called friend? Use your looks, wits and charm to convince them to see you as more than just a ridiculously good-looking buddy. Don't miss your chance at love and romance! LOTS OF NEW SURPRISES AND JUICY TWISTS • No spoilers here, but it's safe to say some of the plot twists coming in this dating game's new season will have your mouth on the floor. OMG, did that really just happen? - Created by Nanobit.
Seller:Netflix, Inc.
Genre:Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Jul 19, 2024
Updated:Jul 24, 2024
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