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NETFLIX MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. Collect, harvest and hunt your way through the wilderness as a bumbling bean trying to sta…
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NETFLIX MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. Collect, harvest and hunt your way through the wilderness as a bumbling bean trying to stay alive. Will you die a dummy or use your smarts to survive? You'll work hard as cute, hapless explorer Noob in this silly and satisfying roguelike survival adventure, a fresh addition to the smash hit "Dumb Ways to Die" series. After taking a wrong turn, you're lost in the wild with nothing but your wits (or lack thereof) to rely on. Gather resources as you explore interactive environments full of dangerous and delicious wildlife, crafting or cooking everything you need to survive, and navigate home to Beanland. If you find a dumb way to die, pick yourself up and start your adventure again! CREATE YOUR OWN (SILLY) TOOLKIT Use the plants you harvest and resources you collect to craft helpful survival items and weapons, from fishing nets to frying pans. Be warned: Things will get goofy! You never know when a guitar or a giant candy cane will come in handy to defend against all feisty fauna around you. FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE Hunt or battle all kinds of critters, including birds, bears and maybe even extraterrestrials. With real-time action, stay nimble and observe animals' attack patterns to learn when to strike or retreat. And if you die, roguelike gameplay means the adventure continues: You'll respawn at your campsite with a little more wisdom for the next encounter. DEVELOP YOUR CAMPING POWERS Construct and upgrade buildings like the Forge and Juice Bar to craft new items and maximize your chances of survival with help from your bean friends. As you progress through the game, log accomplishments in your Handbook and earn Scout Badges that offer special benefits. BRAVE THE ELEMENTS Brace yourself for unpredictable weather patterns, each with their own gameplay effect. As the sun rises and sets, will you sleep safely through the night or venture out into the darkness and discover something… mysterious? - Created by Playside.
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Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Apr 30, 2024
Updated:Apr 30, 2024
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