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Netflix Reveals 14 New Games Coming Soon to iOS and Android Including The Case of the Golden Idol, Rotwood, and More

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Netflix has just announced even more mobile games coming to iOS and Android “soon". I assume the “soon" means through the year because a lot of the games have dates from today’s announcements, and some of the new games are very interesting indies I’ve either played or want to play soon. This announcement follows Netflix’s recent reveal that had Netflix Stories: Perfect Match, Too Hot to Handle 3 (), The Ultimatum: Choices, and Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset. The highlights are The Case of the Golden Idol, Don’t Starve Together and Rotwood. Watch the new Netflix reveal below:

Netflix’s game announcements with release dates:

Netflix Stories: Perfect Match – June 6

The Case of the Golden Idol – June 11

Hearts – June 18

Cozy Grove: Camp Spirit – June 25

Too Hot to Handle 3 – July 23 (previously July 18)

The Dragon Prince: Xadia – July 30

Arranger: A Role-Puzzling Adventure – Summer 2024

Netflix games with no release date:

Don’t Starve Together

Harmonium: The Musical

Lab Rat

Netflix Stories: Emily in Paris

Netflix Stories: Selling Sunset


Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of The Rings Game

Those are quite a few game announcements, and I want to play at least five of those games. I’ll probably wait on Rotwood to hit mobile instead of playing it through early access on Steam next. Don’t Starve Together and The Case of the Golden Idol are the big indie gets for sure from the games I’ve played before, but I will be getting both on Netflix for sure. What do you think of the announcements and what do you want to play from Netflix’s new games?

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