Teeny Tiny Town

Short Circuit Studio
4/5 'Silver Award' Pocket Gamer - "Teeny Tiny Town is a puzzling affair about bringing a town to life with creative mov…
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4/5 'Silver Award' Pocket Gamer - "Teeny Tiny Town is a puzzling affair about bringing a town to life with creative moves and combinations using a lot of repeat pieces." 5/5 TouchArcade - “A winning package all around, and if you have even the smallest love for puzzle games, I think it’s a must-play.” Game of the week - TouchArcade Welcome to TEENY TINY TOWN, where you can indulge your inner city planner and craft your very own bustling city! Merge, build, and watch your town flourish before your eyes. In this captivating puzzle game, your objective is to combine three or more items on the board to construct new structures. Start with humble trees and transform them into majestic houses, and then merge those houses to create even grander residences! Unleash your creativity and witness your town grow exponentially. As your city thrives, collect gold from your houses to unlock and acquire new items, expanding your options for development. Strategically manage your resources to maximize your town's potential. Challenge your puzzle-solving skills across multiple levels, each presenting unique obstacles and opportunities. Discover new strategies, overcome hurdles, and master the art of efficient urban planning. Key Features: - Merge and construct your very own tiny town, filled with delightful details. - Engaging levels with diverse challenges to keep you captivated. - Expand your city by merging items and unlock a vast array of structures. - Compete on global leaderboards - Achievements - Relaxing music and ambient sounds The game supports the following languages: French, Hindi, German, Spanish, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Korean, Portuguese. Unleash your inner architect and experience the joy of building your own TEENY TINY TOWN! How expansive can you make it before the board reaches its limits?
Seller:Short Circuit Studio
Genre:Board, Puzzle
Release:Jun 27, 2023
Updated:Sep 28, 2023
Size:147.1 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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