Super Secret Service

Austin Ivansmith
Dive in front of speeding projectiles and save The President! 8/10 "If you're looking for a new quick-fire arcade blast…
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Dive in front of speeding projectiles and save The President! 8/10 "If you're looking for a new quick-fire arcade blast, this one comes highly recommended." - Pocket Gamer Best Game of the Day - 11/11/2014 - TheAppInsider "Super Secret Service is an unexpected treat" - Destructoid "I love these agents.... So amazingly well animated.... They look absolutely fantastic." - Appyspy "Simple and pleasant — you need just a few seconds to learn all the rules; the rest is pure fun!" AntyApps ------------------------------------------------ Agent, Congratulations, and welcome to your first day on the job. By now you probably already know how important the task at hand is: You've gotta save me, The President! After your years of rigorous training you're surely a finely tuned jumping machine, ready to dive in front of any and all projectiles which might be flung my way. I'm sure you've seen it in the movies a thousand times: A secret service agent dives and blocks a bullet with their body at exactly the right moment. Well this isn't the movies kid, but that's EXACTLY how it works. Now these gutter punks aren't your run of the mill troublemakers. My intel says they've got all manner of creative weaponry at their disposal, so you better be ready for anything, because my intel is never wrong. I can't promise you will make it out alive, but know that you, along with all the agents risking their lives, are doing the most important thing imaginable: Saving me. I'm counting on you! Sincerely, The President ------------------------------------------------ How to play: * Block the projectiles from hitting The President! * Tap the left side of the screen to make the left agent jump * Tap the right side of the screen to make the right agent jump * The speed gets intense as you go, so stay on your toes! * Stop those shoes, tomatoes, pies, balls, and guns! * Watch out for Paper Airplanes and Boomerangs, they're tricky! * Block a Golden Present with your body to bring up a near-shatterproof shield! * Exclamation! * Retry right away if you fail your mission! * Check your stats against your friends in the leaderboards! * No ads, no in-app purchases, no tricks! * Think you got what it takes to make all 10,000 agents save The President? * Have fun, Agent! ------------------------------------------------ Features: *A deceptively simple mechanic, perfect for short burst play. *The game exudes a playful personality through its amazing pixel art. *Catchy chiptune score straight from the SNES era. *Leaderboards and achievements cataloging 10,000 possible agent combinations and more! ------------------------------------------------ Super Secret Service, created by: Austin Ivansmith (DuckTales Remastered, Mighty Switch Force) - Design/Programming Johan Vinet (Adventure Time ETDBIDK, Halfway, Extreme Exorcism) - Art/Animation flashygoodness (Tower of Heaven, Sealark) - Music/SFX
Seller:Austin Ivansmith
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Nov 05, 2014
Updated:Jul 28, 2015
Size:51.7 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal