Terrence Williamson
Fight the evil and save the world from underworld Samurai assassins! Fancy saving the world? How about possessing an ob…
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Fight the evil and save the world from underworld Samurai assassins! Fancy saving the world? How about possessing an obvious yet carefully concealed super power? “Senses: Ninja Games 2019” is all about the zest and thrill to fight the evil by deploying the ultimate fight battle skills available at your disposal. If you are a fan of interesting storylines, stunning powers and an overall action-filled game play, Senses is the perfect pick for you as an Adventure story game. Become the super ninja this world needs! For those of you who have spent their childhood fantasizing about gaining a timeless super power, Ninja Dash offers you the ultimate suit of exceptional powers so you can fight the evil and save the world. Senses features an interactive and thrilling Ninja games 2019 game plot which demands you to use your heightened abilities to trace undercover evil Samurais and fight the evil with your ultimate Ninja Dash weapons. The world is in danger and only you, Akin, can save it from falling a prey to malevolence. Leverage your super power to save the world! As a Ninja, Akin, is gifted with a gift of heightened senses of touch, vision and much more which helps him in locating and killing the enemies. It is your job to navigate across the breathtaking plot, locate the agents of devil and kills them with your weapons. Unleash your deadly weapons! As a Ninja Dash superhero, you are gifted with a deadly suit of exciting weapons. Choose your deadly Shuriken or sword or combine the weapons to get to the last levels of this adventure story game. It is all about making a strategy and implementing it in the best way possible! If nothing works, choose to unleash the Epic Ultimate Attack of Shuriken wind to kill your enemy. Enter survival mode! Think you can take the pressure of saving the world from falling a prey to underworld’s agents? We urge you to think again! Senses: Ninja Games 2019 is hardly anything like you would imagine. With its challenging survival mode, the adventure story game to make everything much more action-filled and exciting. Fight battle and move your rank up in the global scoreboard. How to play: • Download and launch the game • Choose your avatar and hit the play button • Use the navigation map to locate enemies • Deploy your heightened senses to locate and kill Samurai agents • Complete survival mode to move up in the scoreboard. Features of Senses: Ninja Games 2019: • Unique storyline featuring weapons, enemies, superpower and superhero • Exciting assortment of weapons • Ultimate Attack to blind the enemy and kill them at once • Simple and clean UI/UX • Easily accessible game controls • Navigation map to locate the foes • Survival mode global scoreboard • Fight battle to save the world Jampacked with unlimited thrill and action, this game is a perfect treat for you! Download Senses: Ninja Games 2019 today!
Seller:Terrence Williamson
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Aug 17, 2019
Updated:Dec 12, 2019
Size:486.1 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal