Nova Slash: Unparalleled Power

Terrence Williamson
**Gamepad controller compatible! Take charge of saving the world! Prepare yourself to fight one of the deadliest battle…
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**Gamepad controller compatible! Take charge of saving the world! Prepare yourself to fight one of the deadliest battles of all time. Dark forces have engulfed the city and responsibility of saving innocent lives has befallen your shoulders. Don the robe of an epic action hero and use your skills wisely to fight the deadly enemies scattered in battle ground. Hack n Slash different kinds of enemies coming at you from every direction and play your moves wisely or you risk losing. The game offers a life meter for every level and you must keep it in safe limits during the battle. Try the action RPG adventure game today! Fight the Evil Forces Can you face the darkest forces of all time? Time to become the savior of the world by playing your role in destruction of evil forces. Your best shot at killing the enemies is to punch them or use your super power to initiate a blast and kill multiple enemies at once. You can also use the jump and running controls to escape the evil forces and come back with full force to kill them all. Hack n Slash Enemies Face the enemies and punch them right at their weakest points to slash them into pieces. Unlock different super powers and use them to blast and destroy the enemies in your perimeter. You can also slash the evil and get rid of their rotten influence from the place. The game is designed to offer an immersive and addictive gaming experience. From breathtaking graphics and stunning sound effects to thrilling moves and smooth controls, the game offers suspenseful action entertainment at every level. Earn points before your life meter runs out and become the ultimate hero of the day! How to play Nova Slash – Action RPG Combat Games Download and launch the adventure RPG Game Start the game and use the direction compass to move in battleground Punch to attack the enemies as many times as you can! -Use shield to dodge the attack -Jump and run to escape the enemies and attack -Unlock new super power and use it to kill many at once -Hack n Slash to have fun in epic battle game! -Features of Nova Slash – Action RPG Combat Games -Simple and easy adventure RPG game UI/UX -Epic battleground featuring exciting graphics -Stunning motion effects and sound effects for interactive Action hero gaming experience -Smooth movement and fighting controls on the game screen -Punch as many times as you want to fight the evil -Hack n Slash multiple enemies coming at you using best strategy -Epic game graphics for an immersive epic battle fight -Adventure RPG featuring new super power for every level -Turn into a rock and fire fighter monster to kill multiple enemies at once -Use shield to keep attackers at bay, jump and run to escape Are you ready to fight epic battle in this awesome RPG adventure game? Gear up to fight deadly enemies and enjoy immersive gaming experience. Download and play Nova Slash – Action RPG Combat Games today!
Seller:Terrence Williamson
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Apr 04, 2020
Updated:Aug 01, 2021
Size:412.2 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
Your Rating:unrated
Compatibility:HD Universal