Monster Rancher

◆◆ The legendary monster training game “Monster Rancher” is back! ◆◆ 22 years since its release, the legendary monster t…
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◆◆ The legendary monster training game “Monster Rancher” is back! ◆◆ 22 years since its release, the legendary monster training game “Monster Rancher” is bringing back the exciting days of growing and training your unique monsters! Discover, raise, combine, and train your monsters from more than 200 available types to make the strongest original monster of your own. You can even choose how you want to train them! Will you dote on them or enforce an intense training regime? Find your own style among endless possibilities! ---------------------- ◆ Game Features ◆ ---------------------- ▼ About “Monster Rancher” “Monster Rancher” is a monster training simulation game in which you become a monster breeder to create a variety of monsters, train them, and make them fight against other monsters. The most unique feature of this game is the option to obtain new monsters from music CDs. Different CDs produce different monsters, including some very rare ones! ▼ Aim to become the best monster breeder! ◇◇ Acquire your monsters ◇◇ In this title, you can use a CD database to obtain your monsters. Search through the database and discover what kind of monsters can be born from your favorite tracks, from old nostalgic songs to fresh new ones! And of course, some monsters can be obtained for free at the market as well. ◇◇ Develop a training menu from a variety of options ◇◇ All monster stats, such as their health, strength, and resilience, are directly affected by the work and training you put them through. And by praising and scolding their achievements, you can help them grow even further! Of course, don’t forget about the importance of proper rest! Pick your own training strategy and raise your unique monsters with the help of your reliable assistant Holly! ◇◇ Take your monsters out to compete ◇◇ Once you've trained your monsters, register them for competitions and let them fight. During a fight, you can give your monster instructions to guide them to victory. But if their loyalty is low, they might not listen to you, so this is where the quality of your training comes into play. Win an official match to advance and aim to become an S Rank Monster Breeder! ▼ Compete against your rivals around the world! You can download monsters raised by breeders all over the world and battle them against your own monsters. Raise the strongest monsters and become the best monster breeder! ▼ More new features! ◇◇ Share your achievements on social media ◇◇ Press the Camera icon on the screen to easily take screenshots and share them with your friends! ◇◇ Autosave ◇◇ The autosave feature will save your data every in-game week for your peace of mind! ◇◇ Bluetooth controller compatibility ◇◇ Battles can now be played with a Bluetooth controller! "Note: Some controllers may not be compatible with this game." ------------------------- ◆ Compatible Devices ◆ ------------------------- iPhone, iPod touch, iPad (Requires iOS 10.0 or later) ------------------------- ◆ Disclaimer ◆ ------------------------- 1. Please note that customer support will not be provided for not supported operating systems. 2. Depending on the usage, the application may become unstable, even on a compatible device. 3. Please note that the application may not support the latest version of the operating system, even if it is listed as "iOS XXX or higher". 4. Unless otherwise stated, the monsters created through the music database are assigned at the company's discretion, and there is no correlation between the artists and “Monster Rancher”. ■ Privacy policy (c)KOEI TECMO GAMES CO.,LTD All rights reserved.
Genre:Role Playing, Simulation
Release:Dec 08, 2021
Updated:Jan 24, 2022
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