The following issues have been found when using this application on iOS 8:
・Clicking "What's Ho…
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The following issues have been found when using this application on iOS 8:
・Clicking "What's Hot" in the "Additional content" option from the TOP Screen will cause the app to freeze up.

Please be aware that the above-noted functions cannot be used in iOS 8.

Everyone's favorite historical simulation game for iPhone/iPod touch, ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS TOUCH is better than ever:
Now you can get the original game PLUS the in-app purchasable additional content, bundled together at a great low price!


1. Simple-but-engrossing gameplay
The traditional RTK experience has been revamped with all new maps, new features, and intuitive new touch controls. Outwit the opposition with the clever tactics of officers like Zhuge Liang, or mercilessly crush your enemies with the raw power of Lu Bu. The fate of ancient China is in your hands!

2. The mighty heroes of old, reborn
Build your forces from among a grand total of 255 characters, each with unique abilities. Play through a total of 5 scenarios: 4 historical ones, and 1 imaginary one in which the mightiest heroes of China cross the pages of history to struggle for domination.

Power-up “ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS TOUCH” with exciting new features (*Purchase required)
New features deliver an even richer gameplay experience to “ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS TOUCH”.
*You can enable these new features by selecting "Buy additional content" from the game’s main menu.

■Expand the world of the Three Kingdoms even further with 3 new fictional scenarios!
Three brand new fictional scenarios have been added to the five historically-based scenarios already present in the game. With the territory map completely redrawn, even users that have experienced the previous version will find all new challenges awaiting them.
 Additional Scenarios

■Forge the legend of your own unique officers in the annals of the Three Kingdoms with the new create-an-officer function!
Create your own original officers and thrust them into the chaotic world of the Three Kingdoms. You can also make these created officers the ruler of a kingdom or simply place them in various territories on the map, allowing you to add your own personal touch to each of the game’s scenarios.

■Reshape the world of the Three Kingdoms with the new edit function!
With the new edit function, you are able to adjust the parameters of famous officers and existing territories as you see fit. Power-up your favorite officer to make him one of the most powerful in the land, or edit the make-up of each territory to rearrange the balance of power in your favor. The possibilities are endless as you create your own unique Three Kingdoms scenario.

*The additional features in RTK TOUCH Plus are identical to those originally offered for in-app purchase in RTK TOUCH.

How to play:
Eliminate all rival forces to win. The game ends in defeat if the player's force is wiped out.
During the strategy phase each city gets one turn per month in which to carry out administrative and military actions.
During the battle phase each unit gets one turn per day in which to move or attack. Battles end after 30 days.

*The Japanese version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch is intended for Japanese speakers.
*The English version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch is intended for English speakers.
Genre:Simulation, Strategy
Release:Sep 09, 2010
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