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Ayopa Games LLC
*Try before you buy!* Try the amazing cover shooter, M.U.S.E., for FREE! This lite version of the game introduces you t…
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*Try before you buy!* Try the amazing cover shooter, M.U.S.E., for FREE! This lite version of the game introduces you to the dark and dangerous world of Sid Tripp, government super-soldier and man's last hope against the cybernetic army of the villain, Psychosis. ---------------------------------------------------------- PRAISE FOR M.U.S.E. “M.U.S.E. is a well done shooter that ranks up there with the best.” – www.app-score.com “…there is so much that sets this game apart from its competitors that you really can't deny how fun the game is.” – www.the-app-shack.com “…the winning combination of RPG and shooter elements make for a rewarding and engaging experience” – www.apptudes.com “…the graphics in M.U.S.E. are pretty stunning...” www.gamezebo.com ---------------------------------------------------------- * For best play experience, close all apps in the task tray and restart device before playing M.U.S.E. * M.U.S.E. Lite includes the tutorial and first level from the full game. Upgrade to the full version of M.U.S.E. and enjoy the following features: INTENSE COMBO SCORING SYSTEM Arcade-style scoring system that awards points for combo kills and massive destruction. UPGRADE YOUR CHARACTER Convert points into credits to upgrade Sid’s health, speed, combo window, weapons, and more, turning him into the ultimate killing machine. DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS Blast through destructible environments rigged for maximum destruction and pyrotechnic mayhem. ADVANCED COVER SYSTEM Employ the Crouch feature to duck for cover and use the multi-directional Dive to quickly dodge enemy fire. CHALLENGE FRIENDS FOR HIGH SCORES Challenge friends for the highest scores in Game Center leaderboards and race to earn 20 achievements. HIGH-QUALITY VISUALS Gorgeous graphics that showcase the full power of the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. iOS 5 SUPPORT Supports iCloud saving and AirPlay mirroring so you can watch your explosive firefights on your big-screen HDTV via Apple TV. ---------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news on M.U.S.E. and other games from Ayopa Games and developer Lab Rats Studio. * www.twitter.com/musegame * www.twitter.com/labratsstudio * www.twitter.com/ayopagames * www.facebook.com/labratsstudio * www.facebook.com/ayopagames ---------------------------------------------------------- For more great games from Ayopa Games, visit www.ayopagames.com. We value our customers so please give feedback so we can continue to improve our games for you.
Seller:Ayopa Games LLC
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Feb 02, 2012
Updated:Feb 02, 2012
Size:129.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal