Escape from Age of Monsters HD

Ayopa Games LLC
Like Janet Jackson said - the best things in life are FREE and now, so are we!!! Plus we've jammed in a ton of new conte…
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Like Janet Jackson said - the best things in life are FREE and now, so are we!!! Plus we've jammed in a ton of new content and upgrades! Get the game that Slide To Play gave 4 / 4 stars and called a AAA title, G4 selected as their Mobile Game of the Week, and critics across the board hail as one of the most visually stunning games on iOS! Escape from Age of Monsters is an “endless runner” platformer featuring amazing hand-drawn art, humor, hordes of monsters, lots of punching, and a rocking soundtrack from The Binges set in the Age of Monsters universe. Created by Jeff Matsuda, the Emmy award-winning Producer of The Batman cartoon, Escape! is an epic game about life's most important lesson - don't die (and if you can help it, save some kids and grab some power-ups along the way). STUNNING RETINA DISPLAY GRAPHICS FOR THE NEW IPAD You’ll be amazed at the gorgeous hand-drawn graphics at full Retina Display resolution and the crisp detail in all the characters. INTENSE RUNNING AND PUNCHING Punch through walls, using the right glove and rhythmic timing, to keep running. POWERUPS AND BOOSTS Slash and collect the power-ups and bonus items that fly by to amp up your score. SAVE THE KIDS The orphans are your “lives;” they’re trailing behind you and each kid that gets eaten means the monsters are one step closer to making you dinner. BOSS LEVELS If you run far enough, you’ll face gargantuan slug monsters; beat them senseless and then explode through their squishy insides. EASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER Enjoy intuitive slashing and punching gameplay that quickly escalates in intensity as you jump from building to building. COMPETE AGAINST FRIENDS See who can run the farthest and score the most points with Game Center Leaderboards and over 60 Achievements. EARN TROPHIES AND SCORE MULTIPLIERS Finish objectives to earn shiny trophies for your Stash House that also give you permanent point multipliers to boost your score. ROCKING SOUNDTRACK Rock out to the game's soundtrack from LA’s hottest upcoming metal band, The Binges. --------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest news on Escape from Age of Monsters and more great games from Ayopa Games and Massive Joe Studios. * * * *
Seller:Ayopa Games LLC
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Apr 26, 2012
Updated:Aug 30, 2012
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