Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild

Digital Exception Sthlm AB
"Most fun castle defense game I've ever played: 8 out of 10." – Help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave …
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"Most fun castle defense game I've ever played: 8 out of 10." – Help Koko Kornelius, the mad and brave monkey to defend the wildlife from vicious tree-cutters! Team up a wide variety of heroic animals and create the ultimate wall of defense! OVER 300 FUN & CHALLENGING LEVELS Choose your own path through this seemingly endless game in a quest to become the king of the hill! This addictive game will keep you entertained for hours on end with exciting gameplay and over 300 unique levels! If that’s not enough - unlock survival mode! EXTRAORDINARY ANIMALS AND SKILLS Discover and upgrade the Smashback Gorilla, Punchbag Panda, Banana Magnet and many more unique characters and skills in this wild adventure. All with there own special abilities! A WALK IN THE PARK? IT’S A WAR IN THIS PARK! Battle lumberjack Gunslingers, Ninjas, Chainsawers and much more. This exhilarating tale isn’t a walk in the park - each lumberjack presents you with a new threat and a challenge to overcome! MORE COOL FEATURES - The ultimate strategy and action-defense game, wrapped into one wild package! - Challenge your friends via Game Center on the endless Survival Mode! - Collect over 60 achievements as you advance through the game! Can you collect them all? - Colorful graphic and amusing animations! PRESS QUOTES "Lumberwhack is perfect for quick sessions, long playthroughs, or anything in-between…one of the most fun castle defense games I’ve played: 8 out of 10." – "Terrific fun…makes the time pass quickly. With plenty of levels on offer…Lumberwhack: Defend the Wild should keep many a tower defense fan happy. 4.5 out of 5." – "You will find yourself missing stops on a train trying to fight off the waves of enemies, and not care one bit." – "Makes for some fun action. The skills and upgrades are probably the best part of Lumberwhack. Tower defence fans should certainly give this a try." – "This is tower-defense gaming evolved: incorporating features of other titles in the genre and refining them into something addictively pure: 10 out of 10." –
Seller:Digital Exception Sthlm AB
Genre:Action, Strategy, Arcade
Release:Aug 07, 2013
Updated:Mar 24, 2022
Size:95.7 MB
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