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From the award winning creators of Flick Fishing comes a full blown update! Flick Fishing is Strange Flavour's classic …
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From the award winning creators of Flick Fishing comes a full blown update! Flick Fishing is Strange Flavour's classic fishing game, originally created for iPhone and now re-written especially for the Apple TV and iOS Amazing Sequel that’s easily worth !!! ***** by Nate333333333 – Mar 5, 2018 I used to love playing Flick Fishing and since that went down I discovered that you guys made this!! Excellent game and so much fun! The difficulty makes it extremely fun and addictive. Keep the fish comin!!!! Way better than the original ***** by ButterBoss28 – Jan 7, 2018 The original was amazing, but this is outstanding! I am overwhelmed that I was able to find a game that could be so addicting and I love this! The best ***** by LeNautilus – Dec 21, 2017 The best fishing game in the AppStore. And nicely updated for iPhone X • New for V1.3 FishNet! Create or join a FishNet with your friends anywhere in the world and play against each other online. FishNet Teams let you join together to play against everyone else! • Fish in 11 gorgeous living 3D locations for 34 different kinds of fish and unlock them to show off in your virtual aquarium! • Unlock bonus Xtreme and Night mode fishing spots • Take it easy, kick back and just fish in each spot or see if you can win trophies in competition modes. Or take on a quest that will carry you around the island in search of rare fish and treasure! • Boost your fishing skills by unlocking different gizmos, fish charms, rods and reels. Choose the right bait and see if you can catch one of the super rare and very large, named fish that hides in each spot. • What about fishing with your friends? Join in a multiplayer game of Flick Fishing playing on your Apple TV, Mac, iPhone or iPad over your local network. • Vs CPU, Multiplayer network or turn based competition modes. If you play turned based competitions in network mode you can even play team vs team! • MFi Controllers and iCloud game save supported. ••• Now with Apple Watch play! Pop up your wrist and immediately fish in a unique location just on the Apple Watch! ••• • As with all Strange Flavour's Apple TV games, Flick Fishing is Universal Purchase, so buying either the Apple TV or iOS version lets you download both. *Network play with AppleTV version with Flick Fishing on AppleTV or macOS!
Seller:Strange Flavour Limited
Genre:Adventure, Simulation
Release:Dec 08, 2015
Updated:Jun 19, 2019
Size:284.6 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating: (9)
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Compatibility:HD Universal