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Ready for a Real EXTREME TRUCKING Challenge?! Drive 3 HUGE NEW TRUCKS around the realistic Truck Driving Test Courses. L…
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Ready for a Real EXTREME TRUCKING Challenge?! Drive 3 HUGE NEW TRUCKS around the realistic Truck Driving Test Courses. Learn to master these epic vehicles, including the unique Multi-Wheeler with 3 interesting steering modes to use, a specialized truck with a MASSIVELY LONG Trailer and a Road Train Truck with TWO container trailers attached! Take on the Ultimate Trucker Driving Test Challenge today! EXTREME TRUCKS Multi-wheeler: an interesting truck with unique abilities - 3 different steering modes to help you navigate the Missions! Use ‘normal steering’ for wide turns, ‘rotate’ to spin the truck on the spot and ‘strafe’ for elegant sideways parking! Extended Trailer: this specialized truck is designed for exceptionally large and unusual loads. Can you drive it safely around the ever increasingly difficult missions? Road Train: the ultimate beast of the trucking world! Reversing this truck will push all your driving skill and knowledge to the very edge! EXTREME PARKING MISSIONS Tons of Fun & Challenging missions await you at the Driving Test Centre. Our Career Mission have Increasing difficulty to test all your Driving Skills. Can you pass them all? EXTREME REALISM You’ve never driven ANYTHING like these trucks before! Realistic physics and a super detailed map will give you the feeling and satisfaction of being a REAL EXTREME TRUCK DRIVER! EXTREME COMPETITION Online leaderboards let you compare your times and battle over Truckin’ Supremacy with your friends and the rest of the World! EXTREME FUN! The normal game mode is 100% free to play! Extra game modes that alter the rules of the road slightly to make for an easier ride are available as separate In-App Purchases. Each mode has separate GameCenter leaderboards to make for a totally fair battlefield! GAME FEATURES ▶ 3 Amazing Extreme Trucks to drive! ▶ New Mechanics – use ‘Steering Modes’ to weave through the courses with grace! ▶ Detailed and realistic Truck Driving Test Centre location ▶ Tons of Extreme Parking Missions! ▶ Customisable control methods (tilt, buttons, wheel and joysticks) ▶ Multiple views (including Drivers Eye view with real-time mirrors*) ▶ 100% Free-2-Play Career Missions! ▶ Extra Game Modes available (with separate leaderboards) as optional In-App Purchases for an easier ride! ▶ iOS Optimisation: runs perfectly on anything from the original iPad 1 to the latest Generation widescreen devices. * Mirrors are featured on iPad 2 / iPhone 4S and newer devices
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Release:Oct 19, 2014
Updated:Oct 19, 2014
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