3D Mine-Field Parking Simulator - Real War Trucker Car Driving Test Park Sim Racing Games Free

Can you race through the dangerous Minefields and get to your target in time!?

Take command of 3 Realistic Mil…
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Can you race through the dangerous Minefields and get to your target in time!?

Take command of 3 Realistic Military Vehicles: the powerful 4x4 Assault Off-Roader, the HUGE Armoured Troop Transport and the fast Scout Buggy, in 45 unique mission based at 13 different locations around the World!
Weave and dodge to avoid the lethal Exploding Land Mines! Don't take any damage, Solider! This ain't no TANK!

Assault enemy bases! Escape the insurgents! Scout the Jungle! Make it alive through the assault courses!
Complete a huge Free-to-Play Army Career mode with 45 challenging driving, racing and parking missions to test your driving skills to the limits.
With realistic handling, multiple views (including drivers-eye view with rear view mirrors) and customisable control methods, test yourself to get a Gold award for every Mission!

▶ Prove your skills in 3 Awesome: 4x4 Assault Off-Roader, Armoured Troop Transport, Scout Buggy
▶ 45 Mission Career Mode: freely move between Vehicles whenever you want. There are no Pay Walls here!
▶ Challenge the World: Leader Boards for every Career and Game Mode. Race for the Best times with Realistic Handling Cars! We've given you the tools - now go prove you can use them! Each game mode has it's own leader board so it's a totally even battleground, down to driver skill alone! There is no Pay-to-Win here, either!
▶ Tilt, digital or Wheel steering
▶ Selectable camera views including Drivers-Eye View and Real Rear View Mirrors!
▶ Unlockable Modes including Fun Mode, Kids Mode and Baby Modes available as IAP to adjust the rules to your liking for an easier ride!
▶ iOS Optimisation: runs perfectly on anything from the iPad 1 and iPod Touch 4th Gen or better, with full iPhone 5 widescreen support.
Genre:Arcade, Racing
Release:May 04, 2014
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