Driving Quest: Top View Puzzle

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Are you ready for a car driving adventure of a lifetime? In Driving Quest you will rediscover the joy of driving! Explor…
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Are you ready for a car driving adventure of a lifetime? In Driving Quest you will rediscover the joy of driving! Explore a breathtaking environment and accomplish a variety of challenging & exciting missions! Now with a new chase view camera! GAME FEATURES: ▶NEW! Chase view camera for a new experience! ▶Ultra-realistic driving model ▶New analogue steering for full control precision ▶Top view camera for perfect environmental awareness ▶Authentic road traffic in a living city ▶Find Keys to open secret passages ▶Find Repair Kits to repair your Car ▶Multiple varied Cars to select - you can even drive a Monster Truck! Driving Quest is a realistic car driving game with a twist! You will get a chance to complete varying missions at day & night! Show your driving proficiency while you deliver pizzas & more! Driving Quest features precise steering, an authentic driving model, and a top view camera for full environmental awareness. If you prefer, now you can also play the game with a chase view camera! In Drive Quest you will sit behind the steering wheel of one of multiple varied cars, trying to find your way around a complex and detailed city environment. Collect hidden Keys to get through closed gates, find secrets and surprises hidden around every corner. That's only the start of your task though! Your real objective will change from level to level, keeping things interesting. You will have to make deliveries around town, find hidden Keys to solve the missions, drift a muscle car and more! Use your reflexes, observe the environment and try to complete all of the tasks as quickly as possible. The top view camera used in the game lets you quickly react to your environment and drive ultra-precisely. Similarly, the analogue steering model lets you pull off very deliberate, precise maneuvers. With those features and your driving skills, there's no Driving Quest that's out of your reach! Remember to drive safely though - the game also features car damage. If you damage your vehicle you will have to repair it by finding hidden Repair Kits! Are you ready for your ultimate Driving Quest?
Seller:Play With Games Ltd
Genre:Racing, Sports
Release:Oct 13, 2017
Updated:May 11, 2018
Size:400.6 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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