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INTRODUCING BLOSICS - AN AMAZING PHYSICS GAME Takes advantage of iPad 2 power Exclusively available on iOS Highly add…
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INTRODUCING BLOSICS - AN AMAZING PHYSICS GAME Takes advantage of iPad 2 power Exclusively available on iOS Highly addicting gameplay • 120 LEVELS AND FREE UPDATES! Shoot at massive structures built from colored blocks and make them drop off the screen. It sounds simple at first but beware - the blocks are alive! They can talk and they have some serious tricks up their sleeves. Use all your power to get rid of them! Welcome to the vivid world of Blosics, filled with tons of exciting challenges. • MIGHTY POWER BALL ARSENAL Use up to 13 different power balls to fulfill your mission. Each of the balls has unique abilities like the female attract ball, drawing the attention of macho blocks to pull them away. Or the psychic ball, pushing away blocks with additional telekinesis force. Find the right strategy to get rid of as many blocks as possible. It´s a blast! • FOUR EPISODES! Float in the Sky; Dive Underwater; Explore Caves; Venture into Deep Space • PRESS REVIEWS Don´t take our word for it; hear what the press has to say: Gizmodo: Why do we like it? If you’ll excuse the pun, this game has balls. The developer isn’t content to just make an Angry Birds knock-off. The innovation introduced here enhances playability without losing sight of what makes the physics puzzler so appealing in the first place. 148Apps: “From the brightly colored visuals to the addictive, physics-based levels, it would be far too easy to dismiss this as another puzzle game in the vein of Angry Birds. I would dare say I enjoyed it quite a bit more.” Toucharcade: “Blosics is a casual object-flinging game like Angry Birds, but this is no clone, as it feels fresh and unique with plenty of different features to unlock.” Feature Overview: - 120 levels - NEW! 48 Challenges - Four Episodes - Smooth Graphics - Amazing Physics Simulation - 13 different Power Balls - 2 Control Options - Game Center Support - Global High Scores - Game Center Achievements
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Release:Oct 27, 2011
Updated:Dec 21, 2014
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