Bobby Carrot Forever

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BEGINNERS GUIDE & WALKTHROUGH AVAILABLE! *********************************************************** PRESS REVIEWS: *********************************************************** "Need For Speed: Undercover sure looks great visually, but games like Bobby Carrot Forever excel in longevity and replayability." Toucharcade: "This game is easily a "must have".." Mobilegamefaqs: "Bobby Carrot is to mobile gaming as Mario is to consoles." *********************************************************** ABOUT *********************************************************** Welcome to the huge dreamworld of riddle-hare Bobby Carrot! Witness the most beautiful puzzle adventure right on your iPhone/iPod touch! In each level you have to pick up all carrots and thus open the magic exit to the next level. But beware: Tons of traps and obstacles block your way. Explore 6 different worlds full of exciting tasks and treasures. Travel through glittering snow fields, cross lakes with just a water lily pad, fly with your kite to cross canyons and landscapes, use a tractor to find secrets and bonuses, purchase items with gold pieces to make the experience even greater! This is pure pleasure. In the end you will find the 6 golden carrots and with them the magic memory paintbrush to ultimately draw a picture of your dream which you will never forget. Complete 72 levels which will take you 15 hours of playtime in total. Today you will get all your gamer heart is asking for. Let´s go! - 15+ hours of fun - 6 worlds, 72 levels - 17 CD-Quality audio tracks. - tons of sound effects - award winning game series - console game quality - cut scenes
Seller:FDG Mobile Games GbR
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Jan 23, 2009
Updated:Dec 18, 2010
Size:51.4 MB
TouchArcade Rating:Unrated
User Rating:Unrated
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Compatibility:HD Universal
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