B-Grade Renegade

"B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket" is a strategic action roguelike with procedural level generation and permadeath! …
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"B-Grade Renegade: Race to the Rocket" is a strategic action roguelike with procedural level generation and permadeath! This game requires one of these devices (or newer) to play... * iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus * iPad Air 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Pro THE SCENARIO You are Foxy Scavenger, an outcast mutated fox, trying to survive in the wastelands. Our beloved Earth has been pillaged, used up, sucked dry, and now it's gonna explode! You're on a mission to reach the last rocket before it blasts off into space. Choose the route to take each day. Try to get as many miles as you can, but bear in mind that there are different perks and missions to complete along each route. GAME FEATURES * An action game with strategic choices underpinning every mission. * Procedurally generated missions, providing endless surprises and challenges. * Compete across a variety of leaderboards, so you can play the game with your own goals! * Dynamic fire spreads through the forests & catches monsters on fire! Don't get caught in the blaze. * Choose which route to take each day, cover the most distance, find vehicles, fuel, ammo and med kits. * Save up your money from missions to buy new weapons and supplies! * Completely optional In App Purchases: Buy Booster Crates to get some bonus supplies to help you along. * Buy the Classic Cars Pack to unlock an additional set of classy vehicles to cruise the wastelands in style. * Come up with your own plans and strategies! Figure out how you can survive and reach the final rocket before it blasts off! * Use your skill and cunning to survive the unknown battlegrounds of the apocalypse! WARNING: This game is quite challenging & complex! Like... a REAL game! SO THERE! You've been warned! ABOUT MUZBOZ GAMES Muzboz Games is a one-man studio consisting of a relatively un-mutated humanoid named Murray Lorden from Melbourne, Australia. "I grew up in the 1980's playing tons of different computer games on Apple IIe, Macintosh, PC, Atari 2600, C64 and Amiga, and I was enthralled by the art and science of it all! I wanted to create these worlds and experiences for others! I had a lot of fun making this game (over many years on and off!), learning to program a full & complex game on my own, with procedurally generated missions that are different every time you play! I still have a lot of fun playing it myself, and I hope you love it too. I'm super excited about hearing what you think! If you like it, tell someone about it!" - Your pal, Murray
Genre:Action, Arcade
Release:Oct 17, 2017
Updated:Oct 17, 2017
Size:82.0 MB
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Compatibility:HD Universal