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‘Thirsty Suitors’ Coming Soon to Mobile via Netflix Games on iOS and Android

Late last year, Outerloop Games and Annapurna Interactive released story-driven RPG featuring turn-based battles Thirsty Suitors for PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and Steam. I enjoyed my time with it quite a bit. Read my review here. When it was revealed as a “breakup simulator" rather than a dating sim, I was interested to see how it played. I still think it is one of Annapurna Interactive’s better games, and given how much I love the publisher, that’s quite the praise. Today, Netflix announced that Thirsty Suitors will be coming to mobile exclusively through Netflix “soon". Watch the Thirsty Suitors Netflix trailer below:

If you’d like to try Thirsty Suitors on other platforms before it hits mobile, it is available on Steam, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation right now. I recommend it on Steam Deck over Switch if you have that option. I’m curious to see how it plays with touch on mobile, and whether the mobile version delivers the full experience without any technical cutbacks that we saw on Switch. Check out the official Thirsty Suitors website here. The soundtrack is also great, so consider getting the bundle with the game and soundtrack on Steam if you want to play it on PC here. Have you played Thirsty Suitors before or will you be trying it for the first time on mobile via Netflix?