Skullgirls Mobile Version 6.3 Update Now Available With Replays, Shard Exchange Store, Big Band Changes, and More

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Earlier this year, Hidden Variable’s Skullgirls Mobile (Free) revealed its roadmap for 2024 and we then saw the major version 6.2 update arrive with Prize Fight streak forgiveness where you can restore your streak for free once per Prize Fight with a low fixed cost beyond that, Marie’s stage joining in with new music, new monthly fighters, new fighters in standard relics, and free gifts for logging in. Today, Skullgirls Mobile 6.3 has gone live bringing in replays (finally!), a tune-up for Big Band, the Shard Exchange Store, new monthly fighters, balance adjustments, and more. The full Skullgirls Mobile version 6.3 update patch notes are here with all the balance adjustments and features. Check out the Skullgirls Mobile replays menu below:

Alongside Skullgirls Mobile, I’m glad to see the main game also keep getting updates on consoles and PC. I’ve been practicing playing on my Steam Deck with my new leverless controller recently, and I can’t wait to play with friends soon. If you’ve not gotten Skullgirls Mobile yet, you can grab it on iOS and Android right now for free. Skullgirls 2nd Encore is available on PC and all consoles including Xbox, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. I included Skullgirls 2nd Encore in my feature on the best fighting games to play on both Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch in 2024. What do you think of the Skullgirls Mobile 6.3 update?

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