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Former Apple Arcade Title ‘Slash Quest!’ Available Now on Android, iOS Re-Release Coming May 2nd with Pre-Orders Live Now

One of our favorite titles from the Apple Arcade library was Slash Quest, developed in collaboration between Mother Gaia and Big Green Pillow and published by Noodlecake. The game began life as a game jam entry way back in 2015, and became a more real project when Mother Gaia and Big Green Pillow began sharing studio space in 2017. The following year they partnered up with Noodlecake and Apple to release the game on Apple Arcade in October of 2020, where it was quite well-received. But as we’ve seen with a number of Apple Arcade titles the deal expired and Slash Quest was removed from the subscription service in September of last year. Thankfully many of the games that get removed from Apple Arcade find their way back to the App Store and other platforms, and that is indeed the case here as we found out back in February.

The big question though was when? When would we be seeing Slash Quest’s monumental return? Today we find out! And if you’re on Android, it’s even better news for you because Slash Quest is available on the Google Play Store right this very minute. The game did recently earn the Indie Games Fund from Google which helped enable it to receive new content and updates, so I guess getting a few weeks of exclusivity on Android makes sense. However, iOS players won’t be waiting all that long because its release date is planned for May 2nd, and it’s available for pre-order right now. There’s also a Steam version which is planned for release at some point in July. The iOS and Android versions are free to download with a one-time premium unlock of $4.99 for the whole game, but for the first two weeks there’ll be a launch sale where that unlock is just $3.99.