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‘Slash Quest!’ is the New Apple Arcade Title from Noodlecake and it’s Launching October 2nd

There was this time when upcoming Apple Arcade titles were shrouded in secrecy, well, at least in terms of when you could actually play the darn things. While plenty of titles are announced ahead of time, their releases usually sneak up on you out of nowhere. This has slowly started to change though, especially with iOS 14 and its Coming Soon section in Apple Arcade. One such upcoming game is called Slash Quest! from Big Green Pillow and Noodlecake Games. We know about this game because it is indeed in the Coming Soon section in Apple Arcade, but also because Noodlecake told us about it. You’re doing a bang up job, Noodlecake.

Slash Quest! itself sounds rather awesome. The main character is a talking sword named Swordie who ends up lost and separated from its beloved owner, the Queen. Swordie enlists the help of a local shepherd, named Shep, to help him get back to the Queen. The interesting wrinkle here, aside from the extremely clever character names, is that Swordie is the one leading the way and poor Shep is more or less just getting dragged along for the ride. The entire game is Shep trying to control the chaos of Swordie aggressively moving onwards at all times. Also Swordie is just constantly growing in size for whatever reason? It gets pretty comically absurd, as you can see in this Slash Quest! trailer.

Surely there is a “In Soviet Russia, sword wields YOU" joke to be made here. Slash Quest! is an adventure filled with “enemy chopping, puzzle solving, door unlocking, river crossing, fire setting, gear spinning" and much more, and in all cases the answer is to use Swordie’s ability to slice and chop things to bits. I feel like if I owned a sword I would also just use it for everything. There’s also a whole customization system where you can unlock items to dress up Swordie and Shep to your liking, Swordie-based mini-games that are linked up to Game Center leaderboards if you’re feeling competitive, and dozens of additional side quests alongside the game’s main campaign. There should be plenty to keep you busy here.

Being an Apple Arcade title, Slash Quest! will be available across iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS and will include support for physical controllers. It arrives on October 2nd and if you’re on iOS 14 you can actually “Get" the game through the store right now and it’ll download to your device automatically when it releases just like a pre-order. You can also stop by the thread in our forums for some discussion about this one.