Sonic and Angry Birds Crossover Event Now Available for a Week in Sonic Forces, Angry Birds 2, Sonic Dash, and More

Last year, Rovio was acquired by Sega. A few months since, Sega and Rovio have announced and begun a massive crossover event for a week across quite a few mobile games by both publishers. This event sees Sonic and Angry Birds merging through five mobile games now available. The event is on until March 21st and features Sonic and Red trying to take down Dr. Eggman (Robotnik) and the Pigs. The games are Sonic Forces, Angry Birds 2, Sonic Dash, Angry Birds Dream Blast, and Angry Birds Friends. Across the games, there will be new playable characters, collectables, time-limited events, and exclusive rewards for the week. Sega is doing this as a transmedia push to introduce players of one franchise to another across the many mobile players. Watch the trailer for the crossover below:

As for the individual games, Sonic Forces sees Sonic joining forces with Red to collect gold rings and power-ups to beat Dr. Eggman and even unlock Red or Chuck as playable characters. Sonic Dash has Red and Chuck arriving as playable characters with options to unlock them or buy them from the store. There will also be Angry Birds themed collectibles. Angry Birds 2 has the Sonic Friends Hat Event and “You’re Too Slow" Adventure ongoing for this collaboration. You will be able to unlock an exclusive Sonic spell. Angry Birds Dream Blast has Sonic’s Flash Race Event on right now. The final game event is Angry Birds Friends hosting the Sonic Tournament with 30 new levels. It is going to be interesting to see how Sega and Rovio work together on future games following this weeklong event. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing Angry Birds playable in the Like a Dragon console games as a mini-game or even a proper console and PC Angry Birds crossover game with Sonic. What do you think of this crossover and will you be trying out any of the events?