Afterplace’s First Update of 2024 Brings In Hundred New Lines of Dialog, New Scenes, New Postgame Content, and More

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Evan Kice’s open world adventure Zelda-inspired experience Afterplace ($6.99) has gotten a surprisingly good amount of post launch support to bring in quality if life features, visual upgrades for modern iOS devices, and more. The last update brought in 120fps following it winning anApple Design Award. Today, Afterplace has gotten another major update. Today’s update, version 1.2.1, has over a hundred lines of new dialog, new postgame content, new Sword Head scenes, new Bridge Troll scenes, and various fixes and UI improvements. The update is live on both iOS and Android now. Watch the Afterplace trailer below:

As usual, you can read what Jared thinks about the game in our Game of the Week feature here and head over to our forum thread for more discussion around the game here. Check out the official website here. You can buy Afterplace on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Apple also did a feature on the design of Afterplace in an interview with Evan. Read it here. Have you played Afterplace yet on iOS or Android and what do you think about these updates?

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