Universal Afterplace (by Evan Kice)

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    Some lore that I discovered that I found really interesting. Only look at this if you figure you've played the game out and now just want to see if you missed anything. This is only what I've discovered in playing four playthroughs. If you've found something different -- or something extra -- let me know!

    Black Hat:
    You can fight Black Hat three times in the unbroken world. Once when he is "poisoning the lake," once in the sword statue ruins, and once near his final door if you sequence jump and head there before going to the sword. The lake battle is easiest, while the final door battle is quite hard. (I died to him in battle there once because I went unprepared.)

    What's interesting about this is
    you can only fight him once in each place. If you lose, you cannot rechallenge him. His dialogue seems to be a little different if you keep pestering him from place to place. If you return to the final door after winning OR losing, you'll meet the Time Dimensional Hooded Guy, and he'll explain that Black Hat realizes that fighting you only makes you stronger (even if you lose) because of your rebirth ability, so he won't fight you twice in the same place.

    Last but not least,
    If you beat him all three places, you'll make him really mad, and he'll threaten to tear the world apart, but as far as I can tell (?), this doesn't change the story after that; he'll still arrive at the sword for the computer showdown, and he'll still face you for the final boss in the broken world.

    Interdimensional Travellers: I love these guys! First, there's the
    Time Dimensional Hooded Guy who helps you return from unreturnable spaces. He's clearly keeping an eye on you -- he says as much if you go to the final door before you're supposed to -- and he seems to have a bit more of a regulatory job (time police?! etc.) than the other two. He apparently thinks it's okay for us to meddle with time and space, maybe because he is much more worried about Black Hat getting out.

    Second, there's the
    guy who looks like a cross of Papyrus and Hollow Knight. (I think Kice is paying homage to both of these guys, but can't be sure...) If you go to the final door early, you'll run into him in the catacombs unexpectedly, and he'll give you a hint about there being only three exits to the room. When you come across him later, he'll be embarrassed at meeting you again. We're told by the third traveller that this guy sees Afterplace as a nice vacation spot. I love that he asks you on a date (Papyrus, haha) and he doesn't forget it, either, at the end of the story.

    Third, there's the
    polar bear whom you only see at the campfire. If you go to the final door early, you'll run into him, and he'll basically tell you a lot of the backstory for the game. Mostly, he recognizes that in all the "worlds" out there, one of them is cobbled together from pieces of other worlds, but the forces that created it will probably also tear it apart one day. Unwittingly, he tells us to go look at it before it's gone, not realizing that we're from there.

    I might remember some other stuff soon, I think, but I will leave the forum with one thing that I don't understand:

    The Five Hearts:
    In the sword ruins, there's a plaque with five hearts. They correspond to the five heart vessels you can find in the game. As you find them, they'll go from black to white. I don't know if this is merely a courtesy to the player, or if there is a deeper meaning to it. I thought I remembered one character (Black Hat? the librarian? the salesman?) saying something akin to "the world has hearts underground, but be careful if the roots are torn up..." etc. But I don't know if this is just foreshadowing what happens at the Sword.

    In one playthrough, I got all five hearts (near the lake, in the sword ruins, near the ostrich nest, mushroom forest, glitched library room), but returning to this space in the unbroken world didn't do anything. Drat. If anyone figures it out, let me know, but I figure that I'm just reading into it too much.
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    Currently on sale for $3.99, down from $6.99. Now’s the time to grab this gem if you were on the fence for whatever reason.
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    What should I do? I'm stuck on this scene.

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    Does tapping the “UHHHH” option not do anything?

    If that’s the case, send an error log report from the settings menu (write your toucharcade username in the box), and I’ll look into it.
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    Wonderful game. Made an account just to comment. Hooked from start to finish, and really loved the last third of the game through and through.

    I did have some lore questions though, as I’m unsure if I missed anything in my run.

    1. Regarding Yu, is there any lore that I might’ve missed about how he came to be immortal / how he came to be alone? Iirc he’s referred to as human a couple times, so wasn’t too sure.

    2. Also, I’m thinking Alice died just from succumbing to her illness? The glitch scene on the cliff was making me wonder if Yu did something there, but the rest of the context doesn’t seem to fit that….

    3. Finally, is the sword from Id’s world and was pulled into the island by computer? The falling swords in the final fight had me wondering. (This and the whole Kinnish history part might just be me having to go back and read the books in more detail)

    but seriously, bravo to the developer for making this. Will definitely look forward to any future releases.
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    Well deserved Apple Design Award! Good on Apple for recognizing such an awesome game. Congrats, Evan!
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    Wait, where? I’m pretty sure I’ve combed through the entire library looking for it - can anyone provide any tips? Also, is it important to the ending to find it there?

    Edit: Found the answer here. Doesn't work for me because
    oddly, I actually didn't explore the library with Joxxi near the beginning of the game, must've missed Joxxi there earlier. I went back to the same place in library with Minno and Joxxi toward the end of the game instead. I guess when you go there then, Joxxi doesn't find the Calculus book. Doesn't seem to comment at all about that bookshelf in the library, even though the comments for the other shelves are still present. Oh well. Next playthrough I guess.
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    Does anyone know where Clover is toward the end of the game? Pretty sure I didn’t finish that storyline and I’d be bummed if I can’t now.

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